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More Echills Wood Railway videos added.

I’m getting seriously behind with videos at the moment. More videos from the EWR were added this evening but there are still another 39 to add!!

So far there are 5 playlists for those videos and after the last 39 are added I will create the remaining playlists. The 5 playlists can be found here:-

I’ve no idea how many different locos I saw running, but will create a list as a useful reference when all videos are uploaded

Update 1062. Playlist of videos at Echills Wood 7¼” Gauge Railway

I’m not sure how many videos I took, or how many playlists there will be, but I will create them as I work through the videos as they are uploaded to YouTube. I will also try and create some photos to add to my website – but that will have to wait until all the videos are processed.

The playlist will start if you click the link below:-

Echills Wood Railway at Kingsbury Water Park

Yesterday I had a few hours there, filming the trains running at the “Standard Gauge” event – mostly miniature models of British locos that would have been seen running on our railways years ago, but there were a few foreign locos as well.

They are being added as individual clips, but I will make a few playlists when all are uploaded. As there are so many clips, YouTube subscribers won’t be notified of all uploads – so check for further updates over the next few days.

With lots of children around, there was much “background” noise, but the locos made up for that. This is a N&W 0-8-0

Update 1061. Photos & videos of 60010, 56081, 31601, 86246, 20309, 20305 & 37604. 18/06/15

I was tempted away from the Dark Side to see 86246 being moved from Long Marston, not expecting to see such a variety of the older locos in the 4 trains I saw.. The 60 was at Northfield, the others at Kings Norton.

Link to photos

Go direct to YouTube playlist

86246 is seen in the convoy from Long Marston

Update 1060. Photos & videos of 66156 & 66199 at Stourbridge, 16/06/15

I didn’t have a video of 66156 so decided it was worth a trip down the Junction to see it. Just for a change I filmed the southbound train from the opposite platform, but was surprised when it stopped at the station, but didn’t quite have time to get in front of it before it pulled away again.

Link to photos

Go direct to YouTube playlist

The photo that comes out best is of 66156