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Update 366. 50031 on Footplate Experience at Bewdley, Severn Valley Railway. 25/06/10

50031 was one of the locos seen on my trip to Bewdley by train from Kidderminster. It was seen arriving then running round the 8-coach train. At Kidderminster, a Bristol double-decker, GHN189, was seen in the car park. This was to be used giving visitors a short bus ride from the station. The other locos working services were 4566, 5164 & 7812. A very smart looking GWR sleeping car, no. 9084, is also seen in the bay at Kidderminster. Other photos show the “Dig For Victory Garden” on the station forecourt, also the warden’s post – these are part of the 1940s weekend attractions.

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50031 is seen arriving at Bewdley

Update 363. Hurricane Mk IIc PZ865 flying over the Severn Valley

The Hurricane flew over the Severn Valley Railway during the 1940s Weekend event. It approached from the northern end and flew over Bridgnorth towards Highley, where it circled over the Railway as the “battle re-enactment” was taking place outside The Engine House, then continued southwards over Arley, where my photos were taken, and on towards Bewdley & Kidderminster.

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I know nothing about ‘planes, but an internet search tells me this was the last Hurricane to be built out of a total of 14,533.

SVR 23rd to 25th June

On Wednesday, 5164, 5764 and 42968 were in use.

On Thursday, same again, but when 42968 arrived at Bridgnorth it stayed at the end of the train and 7812 was attached to the other end to haul the train to Kidderminster, 42968 coming off at Bewdley.

Friday, 4566, 5164 & 7812 were in use. 50031 was on Footplate Experience with 8 coaches & D8188 was on the Stourport branch siding with a wagon being loaded with rails.

SVR 22nd June

Saw 2 of the trains cross at Bewdley, 5764 was on the train from Kidderminster and 42968 on the one from Bridgnorth. I was by the buffet as the Pannier passed by & managed a photo but 42968 arrived at exactly the same time at platform 3.

Update 362. 5164, 5764, 7802, 42968 & D8188 at Arley, Severn Valley Railway. 20/06/10

Same place, as always, but the sun was shining, the trains were running & we enjoyed a few hours out. The grass is getting a bit long on the path down towards Victoria Bridge so we go upstream for a change. Lineside vegetation is growing fast & there aren’t clear shots any more, so I tried a different sort of shot for the Class 20. Surprised to see everything was chimney-first today.

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Here’s the river shot with the 20 in it:-

Update 361. 4566, 5164, 5764, 42968 & 50135 at Arley, Severn Valley Railway. 19/06/10

Down towards Victoria Bridge, 5164 was on the first train seen heading for Bridgnorth, a few minutes later 4566 headed towards Kidderminster on the first train from Bridgnorth. At the station, 42968 arrived on Footplate Experience, then 50135 working the diesel turn. 4566 was then seen again, crossing with the 4th steam loco, 5764. I didn’t stay long enough to see it, but 50031 worked the 2nd round trip of the diesel turn.

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The only chimney-first shot of the day

SVR 16th June

Took KC for her walk along the riverbank to Bewdley today, called in at the station for lunch – it was really hot sat in the sun. Only saw the one train, hauled by 4566. We would have had to wait almost 2 hours to see the other train, so headed home.

Improved the train photo web site for mobiles

I’ve merged the test site & my SVR timetable into a working site. It’s still early days & I can’t test it on anything other than my own cheap mobile but it appears to work without problems. The images can be made to appear almost full screen on the mobile, and when set to low quality an image only takes about 5kb to download, instead of approximately 40kb at full resolution.

There won’t be any “new” photos on it, as all images will be from my exiting galleries. If you have a mobile, give it a try, pass the link on to a friend for their opinion. I’m not trying to score a high number of “hits”, as they aren’t counted – just wondering if it is of interest to people, as I’m sure not everybody has a pc at home to use.

If you look at it on your pc, it is very basic, but that is what is needed for a mobile.