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Update 989. Old photos from 2002, added 30/11/14

I quickly glanced at some of my first digital photos recently & thought how much had changed since then. Obviously the quality has improved, but so many other things have changed – liveries, stock, locos etc. It’ll make a change for me to play around with photos instead of videos from time to time, but descriptions might not follow immediately & some numbers are not legible. Me make notes? Of course not!

There is no set topic, just a mixture. 40 have been uploaded so far, many from the Lickey and a few from Barnetby, plus a couple of other oddments. One day I’ll make a full list of all the locos & units I’ve photographed, and if you believe that you’ll believe anything.

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A random photo:-

Update 986. Videos of 66020, 66058, 66434, 66125 & 67018 at Old Hill, 23/11/14

Some diversions round the Dark Side again. Needless to say it’s in the dark – we don’t get much freight up here in daylight. A couple of the trains required a banker and 66058 was the loco performing that duty. I think I’ve worked out how to get the best shots in the dark now, I set focus manually for 100 metres & hope for the best!!

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Update 983. Video of 37059 & 37605 at Rowley Regis, 24/11/14

At least the local trains were stopping at Old Hill today & I was able to get to Rowley Regis. It was a bit of a rush job as 6M56 was running an hour early and hadn’t been showing on RTT after Cheltenham. It appeared to be booked up the Lickey but I spotted a posting from Droitwich and so knew it was coming this way. With the sun directly behind the train the exhaust looks very dense, but it wasn’t really that bad. The sound was great as it passed through Rowley.

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Update 982. Videos of freight trains at Stafford, 18/11/14

Just over 4 hours at Stafford from about 3.15pm – so mostly in darkness, but at least it was busy. I filmed a few units on their  own but haven’t included them in this list. I’d prefer filming in sunlight but quite enjoy the dark shots, as there are less people around to get in the way.

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Below is a list of the locos seen, those with a “y” are “video cops” – meaning ones I haven’t uploaded a video of before.:-

57001 y
57307 y
66119 y
66128 y
66199 y
66420 y
66517 y
66701 y
66731 y
68003 y
70005 y
90043 y
92036 y

Update 980. Videos of 66188 & 66059 at Stourbridge, 21/11/14

Another day of chaos with many of the local stopping trains round the Dark Side being cancelled. Once again I had to catch a bus to Cradley Heath as trains weren’t always stopping at Old Hill. To add to the confusion, the northbound steel train was showing on RTT as still at Cheltenham, so I didn’t know if it was still running. Anyway, I did get to Stourbridge and at around the usual booked time heard the announcement “stand clear on platform 2”, so knew it was on the way. It had obviously been checked by signals as it crawled into view until the driver could see the signal wasn’t showing a red.

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Update 979. Videos of 66149, 66204 & 37605 at Stourbridge, 20/11/14

All week it has been Dark Side chaos with trains from Old Hill cancelled. Although Live Departure Boards showed the 09.37 as running on time, when I reached the station it was showing as cancelled. The guy in the ticket office could say nothing! I knew the 09.42 was cancelled but had hoped to get to Rowley to catch another train to Stourbridge. No train up or down, so mad rush to a bus stop to catch a bus to Cradley. I did get to Stourbridge in time to see the freights, with a Class 37 on a Crewe to Swindon light engine working. Also seen was the leafbuster or “squirts” as I call it – DR98959 & DR98909.

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