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Update 909. Videos of 60039 & 66076 at Stourbridge, 25/04/14

My previous blog posting was of D1015 & D1062 at Stourbridge, but shortly before the Westerns passed through a couple of freights were seen. 60039 was on a loaded steel train to Round Oak & 66076 on the empties from Round Oak.

Link to videos

The photo here has to be of 60039

I would’ve preferred to have been on the other platform, but there was a good chance of the DMU being in the way – but it moved a short time before the freight appeared

Update 899. Videos of 1501, 2857, 4936, 7812 & 43106 at Arley, 13/04/14

Managed a video of all 5 locos at Arley on Sunday. As with all my photos at Arley, it’s not possible to get many more different types of shot, but some sound and movement makes up for that.

Link to videos

This video of 7812 came out better than expected, it crept up towards Arley & I grabbed my camcorder & had to start filming without my glasses