6M69 66122 banked by 66059 at Old Hill, 17/06/13

Freight from the Lickey was diverted up the Dark Side & the Portbury to Ratcliffe Power station coal train, with a banker, was too good to miss. Turning to follow the banker as the train passed through was a mistake, as it was too dark for the camera to focus. Will remember that in future!


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4 thoughts on “6M69 66122 banked by 66059 at Old Hill, 17/06/13

  1. Nick Parry

    That was making the 66s work!! I come from Kingswinford and used to go to Rowley and Old Hill when the Baglan Bay to Humber tanks went that way,single 37 or 56 made for fine videos..I enjoy your posts as it keeps me in touch with my home area as I live in Dorset now.

  2. Sharpo Post author

    Thanks Nick. Not much comes this way on a regular basis these days, and I missed the Nuke when it made one of its rare appearances round this way last week. At least Lickey diversions give me a few trains to see, in fact there were 3 tonight. I’ll do another update with some videos in a day or so.

  3. Mike

    A great catch Sharpo I went there on 19/6 for a diverted freight but it was re-diverted up the Lickey

  4. Sharpo Post author

    Thanks Mike. Yes, the 19th – think I know the train you mean. I rushed back after seeing 5029, then realised that freight was going via the Lickey. I did film some trains on the 18th & you should be able to see those soon, and 2 from last night.

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