Monthly Archives: April 2020

An update on ad revenue and the most popular videos of mine on YouTube

With no new videos to upload, daily views of old videos are only about 400. As a result the ad revenue is very small and showing as £12.12 as I type this. It is interesting to see which videos are the most viewed, the one at the top at the moment doesn’t earn me anything, as it is of a BBC sports report where the presenter didn’t realise she was live on air. Not very many SVR ones this time.

Have made a donation to Severn Valley Railway appeal from some of my ad revenue

My YouTube channel is getting about 700 views a day at the moment, but with no new videos to add that number will probably decrease over the coming weeks. Estimated revenue is £11.49 as I type this, but as I receive no payment until the revenue passes £60 it will be many months before it reaches my bank account. So today I made a small donation, as every little helps, as they say.







The above is from what “you” are helping to raise from viewing my videos.

I will make my own donation sometime – but the amount is just for me to know!

The most popular videos over the past 48 hours are:-

Will be interesting to see how that changes over coming weeks, as the top one will drop down the list soon and others will shuffle around as older videos suddenly become more popular, for whatever reason.

In the meantime, keep watching:-