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Update 562. 70004 stuck at Old Hill on 6Z70 Portbury to Rugeley coal train, 28/11/11

I’ve described what I saw at the top of  the thumbnail page, but very briefly, the coal train did not make it to the top of the climb, due to slippery rails. Hand sanding did not solve the problem & 66025 was sent to assist. Trains between Stourbridge & Birmingham were delayed by around 4 hours.

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66025, the rescue loco, rolls slowly down towards 70004 & the coal train

Update 561. 80072 enters service at the Severn Valley Railway, 26/11/11

80072 was rostered to work the Bridgnorth set this weekend, working its first train since arriving at the SVR to assist with Santa trains. Instead of just visiting Arley for our sandwiches, we caught the train to Bewdley & back, probably our only chance before Christmas. 43106 was working the other set & D8188 was also out & seen at Arley.

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Update 558. 50044 & 50049 at Langley Green, 18/11/11

The two locos are seen running through Langley Green to Carnforth to work a Preston to Edinburgh tour the following day. In one of the photos my train home can be seen approaching, good job it was about a minute late – otherwise it would’ve blocked my view and I might’ve missed it and had to wait another 30 minutes for a train!!

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Update 555. Traction engines at Enfield Motoring Pageant, 02/06/02

Yes, the photos are from 9 years ago, you know what I’m like – starting something and never finishing it! The commercial vehicles will follow soon. I didn’t see any programmes for sale, so, as with the cars (uploaded years ago) I’ll probably be stuck with identifying some of the vehicles.

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I always liked Sentinels

Update 554. Farewell 150 tour at Arley, 12/11/11

After photographing the train arriving at Kidderminster, I didn’t wait to see it cross onto the Severn Valley Railway (“we” were fed up with standing around on the bridge – those with short legs can’t see over the top!) and so we headed to Arley for our lunchtime snack. Surprisingly we reached Arley before the departure of 2857, so I did manage to photograph both steam locos running, 42968 being the other and seen arriving at Kidderminster whilst waiting for the tour. 150001 was leading as it arrived at Arley and there was just enough time for a few of the passengers to take some photos before it departed with 150106 being the rear unit.

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Approaching Arley, KC just managing to get in the shot

Update 553. London Midland Farewell 150 tour at Stourbridge, 12/11/11

Earlier in the day I photographed the train at Cradley Heath, but now it is seen passing through Stourbridge Junction after running to Bridgnorth & back along the Severn Valley Railway. I was concerned the light would not last, but at iso1600 the photos are acceptable. It is worth noting the tour used the goods loop, no doubt “new track” for many of the passengers

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Entering Stourbridge goods loop