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Update 764. 0Z56, 56303 & 56301 haul 37109 to SVR, 21/05/13

37109 was in the convoy from the NVR to Washwood Heath yesterday, and today was taken from there to Kidderminster on the SVR. I wasn’t expecting 2 Class 56s to appear as I was photographing at Old Hill and was taken by surprise, but did manage a shot of each loco. The two Class 56s were soon heading back to Washwood Heath and were photographed at Cradley Heath.

Link to photos

All 3 locos are seen in this shot, makes a change from a head-on shot I suppose.

Update 763. 0Z56 convoy 56303, 56301, 50008, 37109 & 56103, 20/05/13

The convoy is seen returning to Washwood Heath from the Nene Valley Railway. First photos were taken at Nuneaton, others at Coleshill Parkway. Nuneaton isn’t one of my favourite stations for photos & after the convoy had passed I noticed it was booked into the loop at Whitacre, and with a Birmingham train approaching I hurried across the footbridge and caught it to Coleshill Parkway for some more photos.

Link to photos

The rear of the convoy as it passes through Coleshill Parkway

Update 762. 2857, 5164, 7812, 34053 & D8059 at Arley, 19/05/13

I was expecting to see the 4 steam locos working the services, but D8059 caught me by surprise with a light engine run to Highley and back. The Class 20 had only returned from Washwood Heath the previous day.

Link to photos

Link to youtube video of D8059

I now have a camera which takes videos, the first of which is on the link above. I’m still learning – so don’t expect top quality!!

D8059 at Arley

The colours in the photos seem slightly different to what I am used to, so I need to get used to the settings – or maybe all the old photos were wrong!!!