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Preview of Severn Valley Railway 2018 timetable Android app

For several years now I have written an Android app to show the SVR timetable on my mobile. The one for this year is finished and as far as I can tell is correct. I have uploaded two videos of it in action, one showing it on a tablet, displaying each of the 12 months and the blue and yellow timetables, which show train times for all except special events.

The second video using my old mobile (with no sim card) showing a brief display of the timetable before moving on to the options available with an internet connection – such as the SVRA forum, SVR web site, live departures from Kidderminster main line station etc. Free WiFi is more widely available now so a mobile with no sim card does have its uses, so don’t chuck out the old ‘phone! When I am sure there are no errors I will upload it to Google playstore and you will be able to download it for free. Continue reading

Photos and Video, 68008, Rowley Regis 28/01/18

Called in at Rowley Regis this morning to see 68008 on the Kidderminster – Marylebone train. I do like the sound those locos make as they get a train on the move. I’m doing well today, edited the video, uploaded the photos to my gallery and added a post here as well. I’ve kept up to date on just about everything this year so far, doubt if it will last though…

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“On This Day” (years ago) Jan 28th. 2006, 2011 and 2015

The SVR photo is from 2006 and shows 60009 Union of South Africa in the yard at Bridgnorth with casing at front open for access to smokebox door. In 2011 I photographed the last WSMR train from Wrexham to Marylebone, 67013 at Sandwell & Dudley. Then a video from 2015 showing 66177 down the Junction, yes, back in the days when I could get to Stourbridge in time to see a freight, too early for me now though. Continue reading

You can now subscribe to this blog!

I now have over 500 subscribers to my YouTube channel and thought about the option to subscribe to this blog. Looking through some plugins that were available for WordPress, I tried one and after a little problem or two, managed to get it working.

I have tried it using Firefox and Chrome, there was initially a problem, but deleting one of my older plugins seemed to have solved it. Time will tell if it works, as and when people attempt to subscribe.

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“On This Day” (years ago) Jan 25th. 2004 and 2010

I’m surprised there are no photos in my gallery of the outing, but in 2004 I photographed a few trains at the east Lancs Railway, so just one photo of 6201 added to this post.

In 2010 it seems I had a trip across to Bromsgrove to see a few trains, one of which was 66953 on a Croft to Brierley Hill working. There has been talk of trains running to the Brierley Hill yard again, but as yet – nothing.

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