Daily Archives: January 28, 2018

Photos and Video, 68008, Rowley Regis 28/01/18

Called in at Rowley Regis this morning to see 68008 on the Kidderminster – Marylebone train. I do like the sound those locos make as they get a train on the move. I’m doing well today, edited the video, uploaded the photos to my gallery and added a post here as well. I’ve kept up to date on just about everything this year so far, doubt if it will last though…

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“On This Day” (years ago) Jan 28th. 2006, 2011 and 2015

The SVR photo is from 2006 and shows 60009 Union of South Africa in the yard at Bridgnorth with casing at front open for access to smokebox door. In 2011 I photographed the last WSMR train from Wrexham to Marylebone, 67013 at Sandwell & Dudley. Then a video from 2015 showing 66177 down the Junction, yes, back in the days when I could get to Stourbridge in time to see a freight, too early for me now though. Continue reading