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Two screen prints from mobile of my Coppermine 1.6 test gallery

I could never get the mobile version of my 1.5 gallery to work in a way that I was happy with, maybe that was because I was using Firefox. Since creating this 1.6 test site a few days ago I tried it on Chrome – and it looked much better. The illustration below shows a screenprint from my 5.5 inch mobile, displaying one of the intermediate images in the gallery, with the thumbnail strip underneath it. I find it so much easier navigating the images by tapping the next thumbnail than trying to tap the left and right arrows. Must have fat fingers!!

There is a new plugin which I have just started to use, HTML5 slideshow. It will show a full size image on the screen as below. It can be a bit of a fiddle sometimes to get it to show full screen, but can be done – I need to get more used to it, most of the time I use a tablet or computer. I was very impressed with the way you can swipe left or right to go forwards or backwards through an album, or swipe up to go to first image or down to go to last.

If you wish to try it:-

I’m testing a version 1.6 Coppermine photo gallery

My existing photo galleries use the latest 1.5 version, but 1.6 is newer and supposedly stable and tested but still classed as pre-release. So I thought I ought to give it a try and see if there are any problems for me with the plugins I use.

I’ve added some test galleries, including a set of recent train photos, which link to a video – to see how it all looks.

It is very similar to the exiting galleries in appearance at the moment, but one of the plugins isn’t available for 1.6 yet – but there is a very good slideshow plugin.

A mobile using Firefox browser has problems, but not with Chrome. Maybe there will be a fix for that soon.

As I get more used to it or make further adjustments or updates, I will add further posts here.