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Update 1057. Photos & videos of 31465 collecting 73952 from Kidderminster, 27/05/15

31465 ran from Derby to Kidderminster, returning with 73952 which had been on test at the Severn Valley Railway. It is seen first at Kidderminster, then hauling the 73 through Rowley Regis in the afternoon.

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The locos are seen approaching Rowley Regis

Update 1055. Photos & videos of 34053, 34027 & 55019 at Arley, 25/05/15

The start of a new “project”, let’s see if I can keep it going! I miss being able to quickly refer to photos in my galleries to see what has been happening, so I’m hoping to add photos taken from the videos.

The plan is to add the photos to the appropriate gallery & also link to the video from the caption under the photo. Will it work, is it practical? Time will tell.

Link to photos

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The photo to include here must be the two SR pacifics together:-


Photos captured from video

Using a camcorder all the time I miss seeing the recent photos in my galleries, so I’m trying something different – taking a frame from a video & cropping it to the size I would use in my galleries. The idea is that it will be possible to see photos in the galleries of everything I have filmed, but also with a link to YouTube. Hopefully making it quick & easy to view what was seen but with the option of seeing a video as well.

More on this later……..

Update 1053. Video of 34027 Taw Valley on Golden Jubilee Pullman at Arley, 16/05/15

On arrival at Bewdley, 34027 replaced the Deltic to haul the Pullman train to Bridgnorth. As the train was longer than the passing loop, it was held outside Arley station until the southbound train had arrived. It did take a few minutes to get the train rolling once the road was clear, but 12 coaches plus a Class 67 is a substantial load – good job the rails were dry!! This was its first train with passengers since overhaul.

Update 1052. Video of D9009 & 67005 passing Stourbridge, 16/05/15

Following on from the previous update, the second video of this Pullman train is at Stourbridge. The timings at Tyseley were perfect, a local train followed the special which was booked into Rowley loop for a few minutes and so I was able to get to Stourbridge ahead of it. The opposite platform was rather busy with passengers & photographers, I didn’t want to get “bowled” so stayed where I was. At least I managed an approaching & going away video, which would have been impossible on the other platform as a DMU passed by. The people on my platform did get in the way a bit, but didn’t really spoil it. There will be more to come……..

Update 1051. Video of D9009 & 67005 passing Tyseley, 16/05/15

The Golden Jubilee Pullman ran from London Victoria to Bridgnorth on the Severn Valley Railway. I filmed it several times & thought it would be better to have individual updates instead of one playlist. My first sighting of it was at Tyseley, it caught me by surprise when I was filming a Class 172 – but with a bit of a wobble I soon managed to zoom in on the distant Class 55. This is the first video, there are more to follow!!