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Update 682. Photos of GWR 0-6-0PT 3650 at the Severn Valley Railway, 2012

3650 spent a couple of months at the SVR to assist when there was a shortage of working steam locos. Normally it is based at Didcot Railway Centre. I have linked most of the photos of 3650 so that they appear in a single album. The final photos were taken during the SVR Autumn Steam Gala. Once that was over, 3650 was moved to the Bluebell Railway.

Link to photos

3650 on its first working at the SVR, departing from Kidderminster

New version of “Lightbox” in my Sharpo’s World gallery

You may have used the previous version for viewing the larger size images. This time I have set it to automatically start a slideshow if you view a large image, but just click the “||” button to stop the slideshow (bottom right below image)

It also works with my Android smart phone, once the slideshow starts I can decrease the size of the image so that it fits on the screen. I obviously don’t know how it works on other smart phones though.

The slideshow is set to a maximum of 400 images, which I’m sure is more than enough for anybody!!

I hope you find it useful, any problems with it – let me know.

Update 681. Day 3 of the Severn Valley Railway Autumn Steam Gala, 23/09/12

I started from Bewdley, travelling to Highley behind 30120 for some photos. From there, to Arley for some sandwiches, then to Bewdley & back to Highley to see the Coal Tank. Then to Arley again to wait for the Coal Tank on its working to Kidderminster. Once again, it was a good job I had an umbrella, as it was wet most of the day.

All 103 photos or edited version of 26 photos

Today was the only day I saw the Coal Tank, so here it is

Update 680. Day 2 of the Severn Valley Railway Autumn Gala, 22/09/12

Catching a train from Kidderminster, I was in Bewdley before the arrival of the goods train. After photographing that, the long trek down the Stourport Road for some sunny shots on the embankment by the Safari Park. The clouds started to form, but a couple of hours later they cleared and the light was perfect. I stayed there until the goods train passed by on the way to Kidderminster, then had to rush back to Bewdley for a train back to Kidderminster. At the main line station, there was a wait of about 15 minutes for my train, so had a few minutes spare to pop back to the SVR station to photograph the goods wagons.

Two choices for photos, the full album with 140 photos or the edited version with 33 photos. Take your pick

All 140 photos or edited version of 33 photos

I like side views of locos!

Update 679. Day 1 of the Severn Valley Railway Autumn Gala, 21/09/12

Started the day at Kidderminster, photographing 34053 on the first departure. After a couple of hours & a few more departures – it started raining & was rather wet for the rest of the day. The next photos were taken at Arley and the last ones were at Bewdley. Locos photographed were 1501, 2857, 3650, 5164, 30120, 31806, 34053 & 42968.

Link to photos

30120 & 31806

Update 675. 2857, 5164, 34053 & 43106 at Arley, 16/09/12

Do you ever have one of those days when everything is running backwards? Well, the first 4 trains today were like that. Fortunately we were in no hurry & were able to see 2 of the trains on the return run, facing the right way of course. KC managed to get into 2 of the photos and wasn’t hiding under the seat as the train passed.

Link to photos

A pleasant scene with no people in the way