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Update 377. D8188 is used to shunt the yard at Arley. 07/07/10

I had edited these photos weeks ago, but didn’t get round to uploading them – obviously more important things to do (or feeling lazy). D8188 was on shunting duties, which included swapping the sleeping cars at Arley. When I reached Arley the 20 had completed some of the shunting and was at Highley, there was about an hour to wait before it returned but there was more shunting to be done before it headed for Bewdley.

Link to photos

The 20 is seen here approaching Arley:-

SVR 25th August

First trains I’ve seen since Sunday, having withdrawal symptoms. Not a day for photos as dull & wet, which means I have to try & remember the locos – so here we go…..

11.54 at Bewdley and 5764 was on the train to Bridgnorth, 5164 was heading to Kidderminster. The Diner was running today and was hauled by 7812, and the 4th loco was 43106, on the 1.13 to Kidderminster.

Too wet, gave up & went home!

It was dry when we set off, got as far as the island to wait for the trains then it started drizzling, turning to rain – and it didn’t stop. We saw 43106 then 7812 from the shelter of the trees, by the time we got back to the car we were soaked, so didn’t bother going to the station & went home instead.

Showerproof  jackets only keep you dry in a shower, this was continuous rain!!!!

SVR 18th August

The bus from Stourbridge made good progress this morning, although a bunch of useless motorists that couldn’t even overtake a slow tractor did delay us by a minute or two, fortunately we reached Kidderminster station with about 2 minutes to spare before the departure of the 11.40. I could’ve played safe and stayed on the bus to Bewdley, but decided to go for the train – hauled by 7802, and caught it.

After lunch at Bewdley the train back to Kidderminster was hauled by 43106, 3802 was on the other train. Back at Stourbridge, the “Dodger” was missing (reason unknown) and a taxi was provided for passengers. Soon after arriving at the Junction the “Dodger” came up the branch from the Town and seemed to be working OK, the other unit was by the signal box, so maybe they had been shunting them around.