1883 Bar Car, Severn Valley Railway

Built at Derby 1968 (no longer at the SVR)

Photo below:- Bewdley, 24/09/05

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4 thoughts on “1883 Bar Car, Severn Valley Railway

  1. Martin

    Thanks Sharpo, nice site.

    Great – do you have any more pictures – especially underframe. I have an old Lima coach with 247 Development sides, ready to be part of one of my north east south west sets. I saw it a few times in BR service.

    Keeping my site updated is quite a lot of work!

  2. martin

    E1883 is now in final painting with Precision paints, and Pressfix transfers, I used Comet corridor connections, the Lima B4s have been B5 ed and I will renumber a couple of Airfix Mark 2D coaches to go with it and a Bachmann BG. the underframe took me months, interior is currently bare

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