Car Photos at Cheshire Steam Fair, Tabley House, Knutsford 2005

This is a list of the cars photographed at the rally, if you can help with identification of the “unknowns”, or can add more detail to the “make/model”, please let me know.

?Unknown1 Electric car
?Unknown2 Vauxhall Cresta
185-7115 Chrysler
374UXB Jowett
4371JW Jaguar 3.4 Mk II
463ETG BMW Isetta
46HTJ Hillman Minx
4708U Heinkel Trojan
679UXE Ford Edsel
ARO425 Rover 1935
AWP27 Morgan
BJC195 Riley
BPC886 Riley
CKW141 Jowett 8hp 1938
DBH234 Armstrong Siddeley 14hp saloon 1936
DYO23 MG 1937
ERF966 Austin
ESU847 Austin Seven Ruby 1937
GJ3223 Triumph Super 8 1930
GU584 Riley
HVS364 Austin A35
JSL275 Ford Anglia
JSV704 Jowett Javelin 1951
LUF315 Singer
LVS180 Chevrolet Impala 1960
MVS556 Ford Popular
NVS155 Citroen 1953
OLV667 Austin A30
OXY168 Wolseley 4/44 1954
PCA108 Vauxhall Cresta 1957
PVG10 Rover 100
SNA156 Wolseley 4/44
SSU954 MG A 1961
SSY727 Ford Anglia
SSY806 Morris
USL559 Vauxhall Velox 1954
VB9491 Austin 1930
VED495 BMW Isetta
WAS346 Austin Seven
XJG576 Ford Popular
YEW506 Sunbeam Alpine
YTU488 Ford Prefect

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