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The dreaded computer failure

My laptop packed up on Monday morning. When I switched it on, 1 long bleep & 2 short bleeps and nothing displayed on the screen. Still under warranty so gone for repair.

Had to set up the old desktop pc to deal with e-mails, so still stumbling along from day to day.

Update 344. 4566, 5164, 7812, 42968 & 43106 at the Severn Valley Railway. 23/05/10

On this 40th Anniversary weekend I photographed trains at Arley & Highley. There is a small album which just shows the special hauled by 43106, but this update includes all the trains seen today.

Link to photos

At least there weren’t so many locos running “backwards” during the time I was there, yesterday must have been “one of those days”. Anyway, a shot of the special hauled by 43106.

Update 343. 43106 heads 40th Anniversary Train on the Severn Valley Railway, 23/05/10

40 years ago, on 23rd May 1970, the first public service train on the reopened Severn Valley Railway departed from Bridgnorth at 2pm. At that time, the line was only open as far as Hampton Loade, but today the commemorative special ran the full length of the line to Kidderminster.

Link to photos

These photos are also included in the “23rd May” SVR album.