The beginning of a blog

Never used a blog before. Don’t know if it will be useful, interesting or a waste of time.

Still, unless you try something – you’ll never know!

After a few postings I’m getting the hang of this, it’s easy & quick to post without messing up an existing site. Although there was a problem earlier, when a blog I was using as a test appeared to overwrite the photo gallery & message board. Soon sorted when the blog was deleted, as if by magic everything was working again.

So far I have set up a couple of railway categories, one for “main line” and the other for “SVR”. Main line is for anything running on main line tracks, and SVR for anything relating to the Severn Valley Railway. “Test” will give me somewhere to experiment, and “my uninteresting stuff” is for all the rubbish that nobody else is interested in. No doubt other categories will appear as the days go by

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