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Photos and video, 7714, 43106, 7812 and 1501, 30/12/17

The last weekend in service for Erlestoke Manor before withdrawal for major overhaul, so thought I ought to go and see it one more time. Caught the train to Highley hauled by 7714, to wait for the Manor and film a few trains before heading back home. The four locos are all seen at Highley, plus 1501 & 43106 at Kidderminster.

Link to video

Link to photos in gallery, smaller versions below:-

7714 departing from Highley. 30/12/17

43106 departing from Highley. 30/12/17

7812 token exchange at Highley. 30/12/17

1501 token exchange Highley. 30/12/17

43106 departing from Kidderminster. 30/12/17

1501 about to couple up to train at Kidderminster. 30/12/17

Photos and Video, 57312 and 57305, Old Hill 18/12/17

Now the new pc is set up and working it might be possible to get back into a routine of adding posts with photos to this blog, after uploading to the galleries of course. I might mess up a few posts or forget things, but it’s easy to change them.

The Northern Belle empty stock was up the Dark Side today, hauled by 57312 with 57305 at the rear, running as 5Z38 from the SVR to Birmingham International. Fortunately the s/b unit cleared in plenty of time.

YouTube video




A new computer!

Editing and processing 4K videos proved to be a struggle for my computer, but after 3 years without any problems, perhaps the time had come to get a new one! My previous computer lasted longer – but I did have disc problems and had to change them a couple of times. The new one has an Intel i5 cpu and seems to cope without any problems.

It has taken a couple of weeks to copy files across and install the software I need, perhaps I’ll keep this one a bit tidier than the previous one and keep files and folders more organised. I’ve noticed my external hard drives work much faster with USB 3 sockets than the old USB 2 ones.