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Photos and video, 7714, 43106, 7812 and 1501, 30/12/17

The last weekend in service for Erlestoke Manor before withdrawal for major overhaul, so thought I ought to go and see it one more time. Caught the train to Highley hauled by 7714, to wait for the Manor and film a few trains before heading back home. The four locos are all seen at Highley, plus 1501 & 43106 at Kidderminster.

Link to video

Link to photos in gallery, smaller versions below:-

7714 departing from Highley. 30/12/17

43106 departing from Highley. 30/12/17

7812 token exchange at Highley. 30/12/17

1501 token exchange Highley. 30/12/17

43106 departing from Kidderminster. 30/12/17

1501 about to couple up to train at Kidderminster. 30/12/17