Sharpo’s SVR 2014 t/t app

Last year I wrote a 2013 SVR timetable app for my android smartphone & it worked well for me. I made it available for others to try & as far as I know there were no major problems other than one of the buttons appearing on the screen being too big. I have written a new app for 2014, which hopefully has fixed that problem. This evening I tried every “link” within it and everything seems to work. My ‘phone has an 800×480 screen, I am not sure how it works on smaller screens. It is only for android, I cannot write an app for iPhones.

It costs money to place apps in the Google Play Store, so mine has to be downloaded from my website – but it is free to download & use. You will have to set your smartphone to “allow installation of non-market apps” but it has minimal requirements & shouldn’t cause you any problems. As I had no idea how many people used it last year, I have added a counter to my link to see how many times it is downloaded. I will post a topic in the SVRA forum & I’m sure if there are any problems with the app then I’m sure to it will be mentioned there

Click this link to download Sharpo’s 2014 SVR timetable app

If you don’t use the SVRA forum & find an error, then post a comment on my blog. If there is a problem with the app, I will try & fix it. If the SVR make any alterations to their timetable dates or times, let me know & I’ll update the app.

So far I know it works on the following smartphones, the first 4 I have tried, any others listed have been from feedback I have received.
Huawei G300
Huawei Y300
San Francisco II
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7″ (it does stretch the text a bit though!)
Samsung Galaxy S3 with Android 4.3

This is not an official SVR app, I’m just sharing an app I created for my own use.
ALWAYS CHECK SVR SITE in case there have been any alterations to running dates or times.
The download is about 2mb in size.

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