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The rhubarb, 8 days later.

I took another photo 8 days after the one in the previous post and was surprised at how much they had grown. Maybe I’ll get round to repotting the 5 small ones this afternoon if it warms up a bit – as no train to see today!!

As they grow, the plan is to move them into pots the size of the one filled with water, top right of the image, but for the next year or so I think they’ll be OK in the medium size pots. Time will tell.



We had some rhubarb plants at our previous house, but since moving have missed our rhubarb crumbles. Last year I bought some rhubarb seed and now have 31 plants growing in pots, also gave quite a few away. I took a photo of 28 of them on the 14th March, which can be seen below. Since then they have grown a lot, but some have produced flower heads which I have removed. It will be interesting to see what happens over the coming months. I will add other photos as they continue to grow and hopefully we will get plenty of stalks this summer.