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Update 1014. Videos at Severn Valley Railway Spring Gala 20/03/15 part 1

I’m way behind with everything these days, and with the warmer weather approaching there are jobs to do in the garden as well. So far I have only uploaded videos from two days of the gala & not even started on the third day!

A new idea is to link to playlists from these blog posts & to list the locos seen. The playlist are about 10 minutes long & you can easily select which parts you wish to view. Part 1 includes 34053, 2857, 1054, 90733 & 4270 filmed at the start of the gala at Kidderminster.

SVR 2015 Spring Steam Gala timetable – Android app.

Yes, another app. I’ve copied the gala timetable from the site and put it in a simple android app.

It also includes the loco allocations as at 15/03/15. Don’t blame me if there are any changes since then!!

It’s free!


EDIT – it worked well, only downloaded 23 times but seems it was appreciated according to comments people sent me.

Update 1013. Videos at Stafford, 10/03/15

I’ve finished uploading all the videos with locos, the ones just of Voyagers & Pendolinos normally get forgotten – maybe they will be uploaded one day? There are 2 playlists:-

First playlist:- 92019, 66429, 66138, DR73906, 90046, 66721, 92018, 66952, 66532, 86613, 86628, 86614 & 86622.

Second playlist:- 92033, 66747, 68009, 90043, 66534 66024 325004, 90041, 66709, 57308, 66507, 66701, 350235 & 66027.

I’m switching on the “comments” option again

Long time ago I switched off the “comments” option – because spam kept pouring in. Just decided to try WP-SpamShield plugin to see if that eliminates most of it. I’ll give it a try for a few weeks to see what happens. I did briefly try yesterday without the plugin activated and about 40 spam comments were added, since activating the plugin earlier today there has been no spam comments added.