Commercial & Military Vehicle Photos at Cheshire Steam Fair, Tabley House, Knutsford 2005

I’ve included commercials and military in this album. A couple of vehicles have no “make” and plenty have no “model” details, corrections or more details are welcome. Some registrations appear more than once, as there is more than 1 photo of those vehicles.

113DMD Land Rover
5261ED Land Rover
5750NG Ford Thames Trader
6228E Foden 1959
706GUE Ford Thames Trader 1963
A6XWD GMC 1992
ABV317M Atkinson Borderer 1974
DSL143 Austin LD 1961
DYX693C Foden 1965
EFD840K Atkinson Borderer 1971
EVH910C Bedford TJ 1965
FAS725 Ford V8
FH5675 Dennis G 1927
FMA210 Leyland Metz 1938
FMA53F Scammell Scarab 1967
GMB537G ERF 1968
GSL144 Thornycroft Big Ben 1953
GXV657 Scammell Ballast Tractor 1945
HDJ754K Atkinson Borderer 1971
HER806N Atkinson Borderer 1975
JK55 Seddon
JRE695N Atkinson Borderer 1975
JVU332 Foden 1948
KAX395P Scammell Contractor 1976
KBU375P Atkinson Borderer 1975
KSV712 Bedford QLD 1942
LKA369 Leyland Hippo 1950
LTU808L Foden 1972
LUX500W Scammell Crusader
LUX500W Scammell Crusader
LYO773 Bedford 1954
OEC777L Ford D Series 1972
OFU177S ERF 1978
OO1143 Ford Thames Trader 1961
PAH682 Fordson E83W 10cwt Van
RGC239 AEC Mercury
RUP276D Land Rover 1966
SSK504 Land Rover 1956
TBB938 Leyland Comet 1953
TBN461J VW Camper
UDJ900 Atkinson Silver Knight 1963
UVP378 Foden
VFF305 Foden
WWT909G Atkinson
XTF235N Atkinson Borderer 1974
YTC520D Austin
YWO24T Scammell Contractor 1979
YWO24T Scammell Contractor 1979

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