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Update 822. The day 34053 “Sir Keith Park” was recommissioned, 31/08/13

I was not at Kidderminster in the morning, but saw 34053 pass through Arley & then drove to Bridgnorth to try & photograph the loco with a Hurricane & Spitfire flying overhead. Did I succeed – what do you think? The July news on the SLL site gives more information about the day:-

Other locos photographed were 5164, 5643 & D8059. 2857 was also running.

Link to photos

34053 & Air Cadets at Bridgnorth

Update 821. 47818 & 57003 on Northern Belle at Witton, 30/08/13

A little outing to see the Northern Belle. Decided to try Witton, as at Aston there is more chance of another train blocking the view. It was running late & I missed the train I had planned to travel back on, so as I had time to waste until the next train I had a ride to Perry Barr and caught it there. At least I can add two new stations to my list now.

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57003 at the rear looked immaculate

Update 820. “Joan” & 823 on the W&LLR, 27/08/13

Hope you’ve noticed we’re trying to get to a few different railways this summer? This time it was to Welshpool for a ride to Llanfair Caereinion & our loco was “Joan”. It was a longer day out than usual for KC but she behaved herself & seemed to enjoy seeing the sheep from the train.

Link to photos

Decided to show a photo of 823, as there plenty of  “Joan” on the above link

Update 817. 66847 at Langley Green, 24/08/13

There was a working from Bescot Engineers to Cardiff Canton, but I didn’t know what it would be. Travelling back from Kidderminster, I checked this train was running & worked out there was just time to get to Langley Green to see it. Following the times, I noticed it was held in the spur at Smethwick, so it couldn’t be a long train. Turned out just to be a loco, but for me, it was an unusual one!

Link to photos

Makes a pleasant change from the dull view at Old Hill

Update 815. DRS Open Day at Gresty Bridge, Crewe, 10/07/10

Yes, it was over 3 years ago! There are always “other” tasks that need doing before I can play around with photos, but they are never forgotten. My list of winter projects is growing already.

List of locos photographed:-
Class 20:- 20306, 20308
Class 37:- 37087, 37218, 37229, 37259, 37409, 37510, 37606, 37607, 37609, 37688
Class 57:- 57003, 57004, 57009, 57011
Class 66:- 66301, 66302, 66303, 66305, 66411, 66415, 66429, 66432

I was pleased to have been able to go – couldn’t get a ticket in previous years.

Link to photos

57004 & 37229

Update 813. Lambton 0-6-2T no. 29 at Churnet Valley Railway, 21/08/13

Had a drive up to Kingsley & Froghall on the Churnet Valley Railway. No idea what was running, but was surprised to see no. 29 arrive. After taking a few photos we walked along the canal tow path to Consall. By then, Mrs. S. was rather tired, so we caught the train back to Kingsley & Froghall – and a few more photos. I did take a couple of video clips, which I think are OK – but not uploaded yet.

Link to photos

29 waiting to depart

Update 812. 1501, 5164 & 7812 at Arley, 26/05/13

Following on from that last update, some more photos from Arley taken the following day. Will I ever catch up and get all the older photos uploaded? I doubt it, don’t mention a Barrow Hill open day, or a DRS open day at Crewe – all some years ago, but I haven’t forgotten them!

Link to photos

I like watching the steam as a loco passes under a bridge