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Let’s hope I have more time for my hobby in 2020

2019 was a busy year, didn’t get to see many trains other than some of the local ones and some SVR galas, but not all!!

I was hoping to start “on this day” photos again, but couldn’t find the time. No doubt there will be other jobs I can do like cropping some photos from the videos, anyway, we’ll see what happens over the next few days.


1881 Halesowen Railway Timetable, on wall in Loyal Lodge

Called in the Loyal Lodge on Furnace Hill in Halesowen a few weeks ago for a meal and noticed a copy of an old railway timetable framed on one of the walls. It showed the train service from Birmingham New Street to Halesowen via Kings Norton. Not a very frequent service, but at least there was a railway then.

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Old Spanish railway ticket, Irun – Madrid

Another old ticket found in my loft. Think this was from the early 1960s, from memory we travelled all the way from the UK by train to Malaga, then on to El Rodeo between Marbella and San Pedro. It wasn’t a hotel as such, more of a holiday centre with rows of chalets, I remember mine was 106, and parents were in 303 – or trescientos tres as I used to say to the receptionist when we came back from a day out. Ciento seis was for the other key.

With ordering our meal I had to say to the waiter – una gran botella de agua mineral por favor. The waiter’s name was something like Franchesco.

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Over 6 months and no posts!!!!!

Some people who know me are aware of the reason why – a house move.

38 years in a 4-bedroom house with steep drive, big garden and a tall hedge was getting too much – so we decided to downsize. Trouble is, what to do with all the stuff you accumulate over such a long time!! A couple of large skips were filled with “rubbish”? Some items sold on ebay, others given away or taken to charity shops, and the rest put into store.

Now moved in to bungalow, flat garden, no stairs or hedge to trim, should make life a bit easier. Maybe I can find more time for trains and filming in the coming weeks and start posting in the blog and uploading photos again.

An amusing clip, seen on TV when BBC presenter didn’t realise she was on camera

I wasn’t paying attention as this happened on TV but thought something wasn’t quite right. Fortunately I had paused live TV earlier in the evening and could go back again to see what actually happened. Seems they switched to the BBC sports presenter when she wasn’t expecting it!!! The sound volume is low as Mrs. S was asleep.

Different theme for mobile devices

The mobile theme that I was using did not work with the “search” plugin that I was using. I have installed a new plugin that can switch to a different theme for a mobile device, and it seems to be working. If you have been viewing with your mobile recently, then you will probably notice the difference – but at least the “search” will now work properly, he says hopefully!!

Preview of Severn Valley Railway 2018 timetable Android app

For several years now I have written an Android app to show the SVR timetable on my mobile. The one for this year is finished and as far as I can tell is correct. I have uploaded two videos of it in action, one showing it on a tablet, displaying each of the 12 months and the blue and yellow timetables, which show train times for all except special events.

The second video using my old mobile (with no sim card) showing a brief display of the timetable before moving on to the options available with an internet connection – such as the SVRA forum, SVR web site, live departures from Kidderminster main line station etc. Free WiFi is more widely available now so a mobile with no sim card does have its uses, so don’t chuck out the old ‘phone! When I am sure there are no errors I will upload it to Google playstore and you will be able to download it for free. Continue reading

It’s 2018, will I keep blog updated?

Just noticed the blog has been going for nearly 9 years. There was a time when I only took photos, which were uploaded to my gallery and then linked to from here – time permitting of course. Then came videos, which were much more time consuming to edit and upload, and of course very few or poor “photos”, and the galleries were partially forgotten. Now with a 4K camcorder I can crop reasonable photos from the videos.

The plan for the future is take and upload videos, crop some photos from videos and upload to galleries – where the photos can be viewed on a pc. For people with a mobile phone the galleries were never so easy to view unless you knew how, but I can easily take a smaller photo from a gallery and include it in a blog post, as I have done in the last few weeks. I’ve certainly missed looking back at recent photos, perhaps that will change now – if I can keep up with all the new stuff. Only problem is all that from recent years…..