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Different theme for mobile devices

The mobile theme that I was using did not work with the “search” plugin that I was using. I have installed a new plugin that can switch to a different theme for a mobile device, and it seems to be working. If you have been viewing with your mobile recently, then you will probably notice the difference – but at least the “search” will now work properly, he says hopefully!!

Preview of Severn Valley Railway 2018 timetable Android app

For several years now I have written an Android app to show the SVR timetable on my mobile. The one for this year is finished and as far as I can tell is correct. I have uploaded two videos of it in action, one showing it on a tablet, displaying each of the 12 months and the blue and yellow timetables, which show train times for all except special events.

The second video using my old mobile (with no sim card) showing a brief display of the timetable before moving on to the options available with an internet connection – such as the SVRA forum, SVR web site, live departures from Kidderminster main line station etc. Free WiFi is more widely available now so a mobile with no sim card does have its uses, so don’t chuck out the old ‘phone! When I am sure there are no errors I will upload it to Google playstore and you will be able to download it for free. Continue reading

It’s 2018, will I keep blog updated?

Just noticed the blog has been going for nearly 9 years. There was a time when I only took photos, which were uploaded to my gallery and then linked to from here – time permitting of course. Then came videos, which were much more time consuming to edit and upload, and of course very few or poor “photos”, and the galleries were partially forgotten. Now with a 4K camcorder I can crop reasonable photos from the videos.

The plan for the future is take and upload videos, crop some photos from videos and upload to galleries – where the photos can be viewed on a pc. For people with a mobile phone the galleries were never so easy to view unless you knew how, but I can easily take a smaller photo from a gallery and include it in a blog post, as I have done in the last few weeks. I’ve certainly missed looking back at recent photos, perhaps that will change now – if I can keep up with all the new stuff. Only problem is all that from recent years…..

A new computer!

Editing and processing 4K videos proved to be a struggle for my computer, but after 3 years without any problems, perhaps the time had come to get a new one! My previous computer lasted longer – but I did have disc problems and had to change them a couple of times. The new one has an Intel i5 cpu and seems to cope without any problems.

It has taken a couple of weeks to copy files across and install the software I need, perhaps I’ll keep this one a bit tidier than the previous one and keep files and folders more organised. I’ve noticed my external hard drives work much faster with USB 3 sockets than the old USB 2 ones.

Way behind with everything again, as always!

What with the Severn Valley Railway Gala, the Birmingham Velo, a week away on holiday and even a couple of trips to Stafford to film trains, there has been so much editing and uploading to do that less important things like the blog and adding photos to the gallery just don’t get done.

The intentions are there, will I catch up? The final part of the gala was uploaded a few days ago, not sure how long the videos last – but plenty to see, must create a playlist. Same with the Velo, I’m sure that’s over an hour in total. Part way through both of the Stafford trips, must keep on plodding……

2 months without a post! What’s the excuse??

Too much gardening to do, always a backlog of videos to edit and upload. To make matters worse, I now have a 4K camcorder and the videos take longer to edit and upload, but after one upload taking hours I now just upload at hd quality, which is quicker and adequate for YouTube.

Another bonus is that I can get some decent “photos” from the frames in the video, so there will be plenty to add to my photo galleries again – but that will take up more time!

Bit of excitement round the Dark Side

Well, 37421 on Derby to Round Oak on Monday and 66555 to Brierley Hill, then 66519 to Brierley Hill on Tuesday – an excuse to get out and video something! No idea why Freightliner are running to Brierley Hill unless the Croft stone trains are to start again? Time will tell. The Colas 37 from Derby was for route refreshing, apparently.

The videos are uploaded and the calendar updated but I’ve yet to get back into the swing of adding more images to the galleries.

Calendar updated for November

I’ve checked through my videos and posted brief details on the calendar page for November 2016. I think most have been uploaded to YouTube but there are no proper links to videos or playlists from this blog. As to the galleries, I haven’t added the appropriate images which would show the link to the videos. At least I’m makin an effort to catch up!