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It’s time I started posting in this blog again!!

I didn’t realise it was as long ago as December that I last posted here. Probably spent too much time working on old videos, in fact just counted my uploads to Youtube since the beginning of January and the total is over 120. With lockdown it has been impossible to travel anywhere & there is not much to see locally, but hopefully that will change in the coming weeks when the Severn Valley Railway starts running trains again on April 12th, must make a mental note of that!!

What I will try to do is list all the recent videos uploaded, there have been so many I just can’t remember them, then create some playlists to link all the videos from a gala.

What with lots to do in the garden, I’m going to be busy!!

An update on ad revenue and the most popular videos of mine on YouTube

With no new videos to upload, daily views of old videos are only about 400. As a result the ad revenue is very small and showing as £12.12 as I type this. It is interesting to see which videos are the most viewed, the one at the top at the moment doesn’t earn me anything, as it is of a BBC sports report where the presenter didn’t realise she was live on air. Not very many SVR ones this time.

Have made a donation to Severn Valley Railway appeal from some of my ad revenue

My YouTube channel is getting about 700 views a day at the moment, but with no new videos to add that number will probably decrease over the coming weeks. Estimated revenue is £11.49 as I type this, but as I receive no payment until the revenue passes £60 it will be many months before it reaches my bank account. So today I made a small donation, as every little helps, as they say.







The above is from what “you” are helping to raise from viewing my videos.

I will make my own donation sometime – but the amount is just for me to know!

The most popular videos over the past 48 hours are:-

Will be interesting to see how that changes over coming weeks, as the top one will drop down the list soon and others will shuffle around as older videos suddenly become more popular, for whatever reason.

In the meantime, keep watching:-

So much to do, and so much spare time to do it……

…. which means nothing gets done!!

A week has gone by, have walked the dog 7 times and done the weekly shop, er, once!!

I was doing so well, managing a post just about every day – but it is a bit frustrating with nothing “new” to play around with. Still got the final video of units at Stafford to sort through – well that’s not very exciting, is it!!

Hey ho, tomorrow’s another day!!

Doubt if there will be any interesting trains to see in coming weeks.

The local train service from Monday has been cut from 6 trains an hour in each direction to just 2. All railtours are cancelled or postponed and preserved railways have also suspended services for the next month or so. I’m avoiding all public transport and last journey was just over a week ago – doing a lot more walking!!

I’m trying to catch up on a few things, adding past events to the calendar etc. I’ve always something to do, so won’t get bored – but hope things improve before too long.

“Confined to barracks” or avoid social contact!!

Yes, the virus is causing major problems now. Latest advice for us over 70s is to stay at home. Maybe it will give me a chance to catch up on all those unfinished winter projects, all those photos that have never been uploaded and probably some videos that I have not watched since the day I filmed them.

One new project I have started is to look back through the first videos I uploaded to YouTube and to try and index them. There was a time when a search of my channel would find what I was looking for, but now the search facility is not as good as it used to be. With over 4,000 videos there is a lot to try and remember, in other words I’ve forgotten most of them.

Feb 25th post, not what was planned…..

So far this year I had managed a posting on every day, but things don’t always go to plan!!!

There was a problem with my websites and all access had to be stopped until the problems were solved. I could access them but nobody else would be able to view them until the problem was solved. I obviously didn’t waste time posting as other things were more important but now I can start to fill in the missing dates. Nothing interesting in this post but things are working again.

Let’s hope I have more time for my hobby in 2020

2019 was a busy year, didn’t get to see many trains other than some of the local ones and some SVR galas, but not all!!

I was hoping to start “on this day” photos again, but couldn’t find the time. No doubt there will be other jobs I can do like cropping some photos from the videos, anyway, we’ll see what happens over the next few days.


1881 Halesowen Railway Timetable, on wall in Loyal Lodge

Called in the Loyal Lodge on Furnace Hill in Halesowen a few weeks ago for a meal and noticed a copy of an old railway timetable framed on one of the walls. It showed the train service from Birmingham New Street to Halesowen via Kings Norton. Not a very frequent service, but at least there was a railway then.

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