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Update 701. 6M67 at Walsall with 37218 & 37607, 25/10/12

The original plan had been to go to Coventry to see 2 of the 37s on the move from Dollands Moor, but they only got as far as Wembley. I only heard about the problem as I was walking to New St. station, then remembered 6M67 was running – but it had just passed Kings Norton, so I caught a train to Walsall, hoping to see it there. Fortunately I arrived in time, also seeing 2 other trains in the 15 or so minutes I was there. The other locos were 66093 & 66137.

Link to photos

Update 700. 47786 & 86217 on 0Z87 at Bromsgrove, 26/10/12

47786 was taking 86217 to Willesden, probably for testing, before it leaves the country. A bonus was seeing 60071 on 6E41 tanks and 60054 on 6E66 empty steel. 66150 was also seen on 6V92, another empty steel train. 43303 & 43304 are also seen on a Dundee to Plymouth service.

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86217, probably the last time I see it, hauled by 47786

Update 697. Morgan 3-wheeler and 34053 at Arley, 26/10/12

A charity event to raise money for Children in Need. Tony Hirst, an actor from the cast of Coronation Street (he plays the fireman) was driving the Morgan. Vicky Gomersall, a Sky Sports presenter was on the footplate of 34053. The car was away from Arley about 3 minutes before the train passed through and arrived at Kidderminster 5 minutes ahead of the train.

Also seen are 4566 & 5164, plus some spooky characters around the station.

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The Morgan approaching Arley

You can now send an e-card from Sharpo’s World gallery

Something else that has been switched off for ages, but I have reset it. It’s not something I would normally use, but it is a fun way to send an e-mail photo to somebody. It’s just the intermediate size image, so doesn’t take ages to send, or for the other person to receive it.

When I receive a card, my e-mail does not display it, but there is an option to click an alternative link & it should display correctly. If it works for you & you like it, use it.

Some new options in the main Sharpo’s World gallery

I was browsing through the setup for the gallery & noticed a couple of things worth trying. Firstly, I activated “Sidebar”. I wasn’t sure what it would do or if it would be useful, but it could be helpful to people. I use Firefox for browsing and found no problems with setting it up. It adds a link in “Bookmarks” and makes it easy to browse the albums by title, without waiting for images to load on the main part of the page. It is also easy to perform a “search” of the gallery. My version of IE doesn’t seem to work quite the same way as Firefox (using XP computer) as the sidebar index is on the main screen, but as I rarely use IE…….

The other option is “By date”. Click on that and it shows a calendar, which shows dates on which images were uploaded (not the date they were taken!) so an easy way to see new photos since your last visit!

There is also now a link to “Sharpo’s Blog”. All of these additions are in the main menu at the top of the page.

I’ll probably alter the other “Midlands” gallery soon.