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Update 256. 6M55 at Stourbridge and Cradley Heath, 66596 banked by 66611. 31/12/09

Last opportunity to photograph this train on my local route, and it didn’t cost me a penny!

Due to the frequency of local trains and the need to attach a banker, it is booked to be at Stourbridge for about 30 minutes. This gave me the opportunity to head for Stourbridge, see it arrive, then catch the train back to Cradley (using my oldies pass) & see it pass through there. Same locos as yesterday, but at least it’s not a dmu!

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The banker, framed under the footbridge at Cradley

Update 255. 6M55 at Langley Green, 66596 banked by 66611. 30/12/09

It’s handy when the freight is on your “local” line, I was only out of the house just over an hour!

66596, which was banker the previous 2 days, had to work a bit harder today as it was train loco. I think tomorrow will be the last day for the diversions, so I’ll probably be out again to see it.

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This was my first visit to Langley Green station

Update 253. 31601 & 31602 on 1Q12 to Round Oak. 22/12/09

It’s always a bonus when the “oldies” work round this way, and a sprinkling of snow brightened up the depths of Old Hill. The Test Train originated from Tyseley & after a visit to Stratford headed for Stourbridge, then up the branch to Round Oak. I managed to see the train 3 times – Old Hill, Amblecote area & Lye.

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One of the photos has to be at Old Hill

6M55 & 6M61 Freightliner coal trains through Old Hill, 28/12/09

Bit of excitement today, couple of Freightliner coal trains. A banker, 66596, was sent north to Stourbridge to wait for & to assist 2 trains. The first, 6M55, was hauled by 66528 & left Stourbridge about 11am. The second train, 6M61, was hauled by 66527 & probably left Stourbridge about 12.30. I saw both the trains pass through Old Hill.

I had hoped to see a 70 up this way in daylight, but no luck yet. They have always been booked through in the early hours, and should be gone before it is light, but I believe a few problems have severely delayed the train on a couple of occasions & had I known could have possibly managed some photos.

Update 251. 6695, 43106 & 46443 at Bewdley, Severn Valley Railway, 27/12/09

Our first visit for the Festive Season trains, which run daily until 3rd January. We timed it to arrive so that we could see 3 trains in about half an hour. The first was the “Limited” diner, hauled by 43106 and heading for Bridgnorth. Half an hour later 6695 arrived from the Bridgnorth direction, crossing with 46443 on a local service to Highley. In the 30 minutes between the trains, there was just time for a sausage sandwich & cuppa from the station buffet.

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46443 & 6695 in this shot

Update 250. 6695, 7812, 42968, 43106 & 46443 on Santa Specials at Bewdley, Severn Valley Railway, 24/12/09

Last day of “Santa Specials” for 2009. Unfortunately it was very misty when we arrived at Bewdley, but it did clear during the time we were there. 5 locos seen working the 6 trains which passed through, and managed 4 of them chimney first.

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You can see how misty it was…..

Update 249. Failed 70003 and loaded coal train dragged through Stourbridge by 66547, 21/12/09

Earlier in the morning, 70003, on a loaded coal train, was having problems between Worcester & Stourbridge. It was eventually moved to the Brierley Hill line to clear the main line. 66547 was sent to return the train to Stoke Gifford with 70003 dead at the rear.

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…and 70003 in disgrace at the rear…..

Update 248. 4566, 5164, 6695, 7812, 42968 & 43106 on Santa Specials at the Severn Valley Railway, 20/12/09

Started off at Kidderminster & photographed the first few trains, then to Bewdley for a sandwich and to meet Margaret & KC, finally a couple of hours by “Safari Park Curve”. Lost interest when the clouds blocked out the sun for my area, I reckon just to the north it was bright sunshine – and it was full sun as I was driving home!!!!!

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Nice bit of sun in this shot……