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SVR 31st May

An hour at Arley, both Panniers working trains (5764 & 7714) and 46443 on Footplate Experience.

No camera today, as not easy to use right hand for anything fiddly.

I’m managing capital letters a bit easier though, and using the mouse with left hand.

Update 138. 47727, 87033-7, 87029-5, 87020-4 passing Stafford

Finished the photos eventually. I’m glad I saw those 87s, having missed them the previous week. Other photos at Stafford include 66s, (including Eddie the Engine) a 67, 86s, a 90 & a 92.

Link to photos

I’m getting round to updating the old web pages, which include a full list of numbers of locos & units seen

List of numbers

and a shot of the 3 x 87s

Update 137. 5764, 7714, 7812, 42968, D444 at Arley. 25/05/09

Dull but dry, at least it wasn’t the heavy rain forecast for the day.

Same as yesterday, except it was the turn of D444, oh, and running to time during the middle of the day when we were out & about.

It’s not easy getting “different” photos going to the same area all the time, but we like the sandwiches and cake at the station!

Link to photos

A photo of 5764 from down by the river:-

SVR 25th May. 5764, 7714, 7812, D444 & 42968 at Arley

Dull, but the forecast was for heavy rain, so mustn’t complain.

“We” were running to schedule, as were the trains today. From down by the river, 5764 headed south towards Arley, then after crossing at Arley, 7714 headed north. At the station, 7812 arrived on the “Limited” diner, with D444 on the train for Kidderminster. Finally, before we headed home, 5764 back again on the “Venturer”, crossing with 42968 on a train for Kidderminster.

SVR 24th May

37906 had failed, I believe an 08 had been sent to rescue the train, timetable up the creek!

At Arley, 7714 was waiting with a train for Bridgnorth, eventually 5764 came in with a train from Bridgnorth. Next trains to cross were D1062 from Bridgnorth & 7812 from Kidderminster. We waited to see the next trains cross, to find out what the 5th loco was – turned out to be 42968.