Sharpo’s Train Number app

I followed instructions from the internet to write an app for making notes on an android mobile and it actually works!

Data can be entered into a database within the app and is not lost when the mobile is switched off. A time and date is added to each entry. The entries appear in reverse order, latest at the top – which does help if you have a long list, as you can check your typing!

Entries can also be deleted from the database when you no longer need them. I have no idea how much data can be added before it becomes full or very slow, but in my testing I have now added 250 different numbers and that only takes up 12kb of space.

I would like to be able to copy the data, but have not found a way to do it, so for now you will just have to look through the entries on your mobile. If I can find a way to copy the data into an email or export it in some way – then I will include that in a later version.

I will set up a page where you can download the app & install it on your android mobile. You will have to set “allow installation of non-market applications” on your mobile  as it is not from google play store  (don’t forget to reset that option once you have installed the app!) It costs money to set up the facility to store apps for download from there, which is why it isn’t there!!

So, follow the link to the app

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