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Update 728. 47826 & 47854 on 5Z56 Carnforth to Gloucester, 28/02/13

The empty stock working is first seen at Langley Green before it stopped at Rowley loop. It was booked in the loop just long enough for me to catch a train to Stourbridge to see it again. After working a train to Fort William & back over the next 2 days, I should see it again as the empty stock returns to Carnforth on Sunday.

Link to photos

47826 at Langley Green

47854 at Langley Green

Update 726. 1501, 5164, 34053 & DMU at SVR on 16th & 17th feb 2013

It’s not easy getting back into a routine at this time of year when so little of interest has been happening. To save myself some time I will combine 2 days in this update. Trains were running to the new A timetable, the same locos were operating on both days – 1501, 5164 & 34053. The DMU is also scheduled to run, making it more practical to get to Arley for a sandwich, returning about 40 minutes later – hanging around nearly 2 hours for a train (as with the old A timetable) is not something to look forward to in cold weather.

Link to photos – Saturday

Link to photos – Sunday

Don’t think KC wanted to be too close to the loco as it rolled past!