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Photos of classic cars at Cheshire Steam Fair, Tabley House, 2005

Not much to photograph at this time of year, so perhaps I should try to improve the “untidy” parts of the galleries. Road vehicles have always been hard work for me, as I’m not good at identifying them, and programmes weren’t always too helpful. The removal of web site pages a year or two ago after being “hacked” didn’t help either, so I will spend some time browsing car photos and try to link up more of the galleries from this blog.

A set of 43 photos of cars at the Cheshire steam fair seemed an easy starting place and a list of registrations, make, model and year (if known) has been created.

List of car photos

The above is the first page to be added in the “Traction Engine Rally” section of this blog. Hopefully more pages like this will be added for the other rallies I attended.

If any information is wrong, or you can add information – let me know.

I always like to add a photo, so here is a 1953 Citroen