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Photos and Video, 70806, Langley Green 19/07/18

68015 was due through before the 70, but unfortunately at the same time as a stopping train. If you watch the video you will see the unit started moving and gave me a very brief clear view of the Class 68 as it sped through. There is an uninterrupted view of 70806 as it passes by on the last day of the diverted 6V46 Bescot – Westbury.

Link to YouTube video

Link to photos in gallery for larger screens
Photos below ideal for mobile phones:-

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Photos and Video, 950001, Stourbridge 24/07/18 (also crows)

Bit of an odd mixture this. I went to Stourbridge to see 950001, then waited to see it return from Kidderminster but in the meantime filmed a couple of other units and some crows. The train part is at the beginning, also showing 172339, 172214, 172213, 172335 and 172216, the crow clips were all towards the end.

Link to YouTube video

Link to YouTube video which starts where the crow appears.

Train photos in gallery.

Crow photos in gallery.
Photos below ideal for mobile phones, showing trains and crows:-

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Video – Tug, Shed and Dogbox up the Dark Side, 24/05/18

Three clips, in reverse order – the first clip is of 60096 on 6M51 Baglan Bay – Chirk log train, running rather late – much to the annoyance of Mrs. S who was at home anxious to get her beauty sleep! Next is the Tesco 4M36 Wentloog – Daventry with 66301, and finally seen much earlier in the day a training run using 153365 on 5T01 Tyseley – Kidderminster – Snow Hill.
Video below:-

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Video – 153365 Old Hill, 21/05/18

After a mad rush to the station to see the 88 which ran early the previous day, I had to take it easy to see 66726 and 47712 returning to Crewe – so ambled out of the house before their booked departure time from Kidderminster. Unfortunately they didn’t run! I had been told they were on the exchange siding with 88010 on Sunday, but the working was obviously cancelled. All I filmed was 153365, which was a very unusual sight – don’t think I’ve ever seen a 153 unit run this way on its own. It was showing as 5T10 Tyseley – Snow Hill.
Video below:-

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Video 88010 Old Hill, 20/05/18

I know I posted a couple of photos a couple of days ago, but here is a link to the video. I don’t know if 88s will ever work a Berkeley flask run so this might be a rare clip of an 88 round this way. The working was 0Z79 Kidderminster – Crewe, following an appearance at the SVR Diesel Gala.
Video below:-

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Update 1052. Video of D9009 & 67005 passing Stourbridge, 16/05/15

Following on from the previous update, the second video of this Pullman train is at Stourbridge. The timings at Tyseley were perfect, a local train followed the special which was booked into Rowley loop for a few minutes and so I was able to get to Stourbridge ahead of it. The opposite platform was rather busy with passengers & photographers, I didn’t want to get “bowled” so stayed where I was. At least I managed an approaching & going away video, which would have been impossible on the other platform as a DMU passed by. The people on my platform did get in the way a bit, but didn’t really spoil it. There will be more to come……..

Update 1051. Video of D9009 & 67005 passing Tyseley, 16/05/15

The Golden Jubilee Pullman ran from London Victoria to Bridgnorth on the Severn Valley Railway. I filmed it several times & thought it would be better to have individual updates instead of one playlist. My first sighting of it was at Tyseley, it caught me by surprise when I was filming a Class 172 – but with a bit of a wobble I soon managed to zoom in on the distant Class 55. This is the first video, there are more to follow!!

Trains at Northampton & Tamworth on 25th October

A few hours at Northampton and my first Class 90 in the new Freightliner livery. Amongst the Class 66s seen were a pair on a “leaf buster” train, and mustn’t forget the Class 31 on a test train. From here our next stop was Tamworth, as 71000 Duke of Gloucester was due to head south & 47500 north to Carnforth. Also seen was a Class 86 in the new Freightliner livery and the RHTT as it returned south. Pleased to say the sun was shining as well.

I’m way behind with uploading photos of main line trains, but I’ll have a go at them later.

4965 on Shakespeare Express, 05/09/10

Went across to Dorridge to see this train, as I have done over the past few weeks. My train was delayed just outside Dorridge, as were the next 2 departures towards Birmingham. Seems there was a problem with the level crossing gates. I was worried that the Shakespeare might have returned via Shirley, but a whistle in the distance confirmed it was on the way. After the train had passed I caught the next Chiltern train to Moor Street, this was running nearly 20 minutes late, but I arrived in time to see the empty stock returning to Tyseley. Must try & get the photos sorted!!