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Video and photos, 7 loco convoy, Dorridge 15/05/17

66771 hauled 73107 73965 D8188 D8059 45041 47192 from Princess Risborough as 0X71, original destination was Kidderminster SVR but was later changed to terminate at Bescot, continuing to Kidderminster the next day.

Link to YouTube video

The photos, as usual, are taken from the video so aren’t the best quality but probably won’t look too bad on a mobile phone.




D8188 D8059



Video and photos 57309 57306 Old Hill, 12/05/17

Two locos rolling downhill, not very interesting, but I had a clear view from the other platform and 57309 was a “new” one for a video shot, seen on 0Z57 Crewe – SVR. I certainly won’t be there when the Belle stock is hauled up before 5am tomorrow morning!!

Link to YouTube video

57309 Old Hill, 12/05/17

57306 Old Hill, 12/05/17

Video and photo 66302 Old Hill, 07/05/17

The “Tesco Express”, a Sunday regular working, but only in daylight for a few months of the year. Unfortunately at this time of year if the sun is shining and the train is on time, then the light is awful – so I filmed from the other platform to keep out of the sun. 4M36 Wentloog – Daventry.

Link to YouTube video

Old Hill 07/05/17, 66302 4M36 Wentloog – Daventry

Video and photos, 57305 and 57306 Old Hill 04/05/17

I’m trying to keep up with my videos that I upload!! the Northern Belle ecs from Kidderminster – Crewe, running as 5Z40, is seen passing Old Hill. Fortunately 172336 on 2K17 Whitlocks End – Kidderminster passed through in plenty of time to save me from being bowled.

Link to YouTube video

I’ll add the photos after they’ve been uploaded to my gallery

Video and photos, 66741 33108 47192, Old Hill 02/05/17

It’s time to try and get back into the routine of updating this blog and adding a few frames cropped from the videos.

This is the most recent video I’ve filmed showing the 0Z47 convoy from Crewe to the SVR passing through Old Hill. I had planned to film from the opposite platform and the convoy should have cleared before a stopping train was due, but for some reason it took about 15 minutes between Rowley Regis and Old Hill. I raced over the bridge, the stopper departed, another train followed that and still no convoy. It did eventually appear but I didn’t get such a good shot being on the adjacent platform.

Link to YouTube video

The “photos” from the video aren’t brilliant though!

Old Hill 02/05/17, 66741 leading

Old Hill 02/05/17, 33108 in the middle

Old Hill 02/05/17, 47192 at the rear