Video and photos, 66741 33108 47192, Old Hill 02/05/17

It’s time to try and get back into the routine of updating this blog and adding a few frames cropped from the videos.

This is the most recent video I’ve filmed showing the 0Z47 convoy from Crewe to the SVR passing through Old Hill. I had planned to film from the opposite platform and the convoy should have cleared before a stopping train was due, but for some reason it took about 15 minutes between Rowley Regis and Old Hill. I raced over the bridge, the stopper departed, another train followed that and still no convoy. It did eventually appear but I didn’t get such a good shot being on the adjacent platform.

Link to YouTube video

The “photos” from the video aren’t brilliant though!

Old Hill 02/05/17, 66741 leading

Old Hill 02/05/17, 33108 in the middle

Old Hill 02/05/17, 47192 at the rear

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