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SVR 31st October

Tornado was tender-first through Arley this morning, so no point in going straight to the station – this meant KC had her walk down by the river first.

42968 on the train from Bridgnorth, 1744 first away from Kidder, then Tornado & finally 7812 on the local to Highley. Didn’t hang around at Arley to see Tornado return, but I have seen it plenty of times this week so can’t really grumble.

SVR 30th October

Tornado & 1744 hauling trains again. 42968 on the other Bridgnorth train & 7812 on the Highley local service.

Don’t think I saw the sun once today & the forecast for the weekend isn’t good. At least I have plenty of photos of the visiting locos to look at.

SVR 27th October

No photos, just a train ride today.

Took our grandson to Bridgnorth for a train ride to Bewdley. Caught the 12.10 hauled by 1744, but a few problems with brakes on the stock caused the train to stop on the climb out of Bridgnorth. Tornado was running, also 42968, the Highley local trains were hauled by 7812.

The return journey behind 1744 was also delayed by brake problems, but we enjoyed our day out

Update 211. 60163 “Tornado” passing the Engine House, also 1744 & 7812, 26th October

Caught the first train from Kidderminster, hauled by 1744. At Highley, the new footbridge enables you to get across the tracks to see the train depart – very handy, a better shot than from the platform.

From the Engine House, “Tornado” is seen passing by on the way to Bridgnorth. Final train seen was 7812 on the Kidderminster to Highley local. Back at Kidderminster, 6024 was on display outside the museum.

Link to photos

Update 207. 1501 is removed from SVR Engine House & 7714 moved in

D8188 towed 7714 from Bridgnorth to Highley today. The loco last ran during August, I believe, and was taken out of service during September – requiring boiler repairs.

On arrival at Highley, D8188 was uncoupled and headed for the Engine House to remove 1501. It only took about 40 minutes to slowly move 1501 onto the main running line & then couple up to 7714 and propel it into the Engine House. Everything seemed to go very smoothly.

1501 will now be towed to Bridgnorth for what will hopefully be a reasonably quick overhaul & return to traffic.

Link to photos

First photo of 1501 “outside” since arriving at the Engine House.

Changing to new host in a day or two!!!

This has been a long job. Over 4Gb of data had to be uploaded, which amounts to about 70,000 files.

KC’s album & the Midlands album have been uploaded and seem to be working with the new host, and I should have sharpos-world ready tonight. Then to make sure no e-mails get lost during the changeover.

Mustn’t forget this blog & the messageboard have still to be set up & tested, so I’d better get on with it…