Daily Archives: October 7, 2009

An exciting hour at Walsall, including 7 x DRS locos

There were 2 interesting local train moves to see today, a 47 & 37 from Tyseley to the SVR and a DRS convoy from Crewe to Stowmarket. Main problem was my physio appointment at West Bromwich, due to finish at 11.00.

The loco move from Tyseley was due through Bescot at 11.08 which was cutting it fine, but without breaking any speed limits I was at Tame Bridge Parkway by 11.10. No spotters there, so I couldn’t find out if the locos had passed through. I waited 15 minutes, still no locos, so decided to head for Walsall as the DRS locos were due through at 12.15.

Got to Walsall – the Tyseley locos still not arrived. Whilst waiting, a test train passed through, t&t by 37608 & 37607. Half an hour later, 47580 & 37264 passed by, the 37 looking very smart but without any numbers or lettering on the body.

10 minutes later the DRS convoy arrived – 57003, 57007, 20305, 20304 & 37601.

Can’t complain about that hour!!!!!!