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Update 930. Videos of 66424, 928001 & a DMU at Old Hill, 16/06/14

The Tesco was running half an hour earlier than usual & an unknown working from Derby to Worcester was due soon after, so I thought I would give it a try. In dull conditions at 10pm I cannot rely on the camcorder auto focus, so set it manually at about 20 metres. Results aren’t perfect but I like playing around at this sort of thing.  The Tesco was the usual working, the DMU was a pair of Class 172s running as ecs & the “unknown” was a track machine.

Link to videos

928001 a Plasser & Theurer Unimat 09-4×4/4S Dynamic Tamper

Update 929. Video of 66126 at Stourbridge, 17/06/14

Wow, first proper update for a few weeks, almost forgotten the routine! Today was the day the Class 20s should’ve returned to the SVR following the NNR gala. The working from Washwood Heath was cancelled, but this was not known until after a walk up to the station & a long wait. I spent some of the waiting time at Stourbridge with just the one southbound freight to see, hauled by 66126

Link to video

Speeding past a DMU waiting to depart towards Birmingham

More videos uploaded, 15/06/14

A day out to East Anglia, gardening & a few other trains to see means I’m getting further behind.

Recent uploads include 60040, the NMT, a couple of 47s at Norwich & 5043 on a railtour at Langley Green, then later in the day back up Old Hill in the dark.

Certainly worth looking at 5043. Oh well, better get on with something or I’ll never catch up.

More videos uploaded

I’m behind adding the links in this blog, as usual. Latest videos include Standard 5 73129 in action at the SVR, Class 37s on a test train, 47s on the Northern Belle & a couple of Colas Class 47s collecting the 20s from the SVR. Oh, mustn’t forget 40 345 on a railtour at Stourbridge Junction. Will I ever catch up? Answers on a postcard………

Update 928. Video of 60020 & 66100 at Stourbridge, 04/06/14

This is an example of what can go wrong when both trains are approaching at the same time. The northbound is due, but the southbound is in sight. Do you film the one you can see or wait for the one you really want to film – which might still be a minute or two away? You can see what happens:-

Link to video

This image makes it look good, but the whole clip isn’t so good


Update 926. Video of 66303 at Old Hill, 01/06/14

Seems strange without a DMU rolling down as I film this train, but it was a clear shot for a change. I notice everything is at a funny angle as the train passes under the footbridge, was it because it was a wide angle shot,  or because I’d had a few glasses of fizzy “pop” with my evening meal. The latter, actually – at least I wasn’t driving.

Link to video

66303 on the “Tesco”