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Update 854. 4930 comes out of The Engine House, 06/10/13

Another of my forgotten updates. We caught the train from Arley to Highley to see 4930 Hagley Hall come out of The Engine House, to be replaced by 45110. The shunter was 12099, which we saw pass through Arley as we had lunch, and 50031 was used to bring 45110 to Highley from Bridgnorth, taking 4930 back later in the day. The bonus was seeing 47383 outside as well, it had to be moved as it was blocking access to 4930. 4566, 5643, 34053 & 43106 were working service trains.

Link to photos

4930 is carefully shunted out of The Engine House, seen through the trees

Update 853. Day 3 of Severn Valley Railway Diesel Gala, 05/10/13

Yet another set of photos not mentioned here. The day was mostly at Bewdley with a brief visit to Arley for my sandwiches. Locos seen the same as the previous day – 5081, 12099, 37109, 50031, 55002, D1062, D3201, D6700, D8059, D9009, D821, DMU. I did film some video during the gala, some of which has already been uploaded but probably not listed in the blog, so still some catching up to do.

Link to photos

Plenty of passengers travelled behind the shunters!

Update 852. Day 2 of Severn Valley Railway Diesel Gala, 04/10/13

I uploaded the photos days ago but forgot to add a post in the blog. Starting with a couple of hours at Kidderminster, then calling at Bewdley & Arley before a few hours at Highley. D9009 was running today & 60007 & 66027 were also seen on main line freight at Kidderminster. Other locos were 5081, 12099, 37109, 50031, 55002, D1062, D3201, D6700, D8059, D821 & the DMU.

Link to photos

D9009 approaching Highley

Update 849. 47805 & 47810 on the Northern Belle at Lye, 26/10/13

Another one of those decisions, on the bridge or the platform! I chose the bridge, but wouldn’t have had too much of a problem on the platform. As you will see, the DMU was well clear before the train reached the station, but I have included the distant photos to show. Checking the times of the photos, had the DMU been 14 seconds later the trains would have crossed under the footbridge.

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47805 was leading the train, 1Z34 from Liverpool to Bath

Update 848. Video of 37602 & 37605 on 6M56 at Old Hill, 14/10/13

It’s quite worrying how you soon get out of  a routine when you stop doing it for a while! After messing around with the computer last week I have to try and catch up with things on here and get videos & photos linked properly. Anyway, this is a video of 37602 & 37605 at Old Hill with what is almost becoming a regular weekly working – the Berkeley to Crewe flask train.

Link to Video

Isn’t it fun when a computer starts playing up!

You know what it’s like – occasional error messages that mean nothing to you, then the thought of losing all your files.

I remember about 4 years ago when the c-drive started playing up, I decided to replace it. Couldn’t remember exactly how I did it, but decided the time had come to go through the same routine again. A bit more memory would also help, so that was something else to buy. So I took out the old c-drive and using the laptop & Acronis, cloned the drive to a new, larger hard drive, fitted it and it worked – but not for long.

To cut a long story short, several more attempts & I think all is now working fine. Maybe now I can get back to sorting photos & all those other time-wasting jobs!