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Update 793. 7X09 with 20901, 20905, 20096 & 20107 at Widney Manor, 11/07/13

I hadn’t planned to go to Widney Manor, but my train was late and the connecting train at Snow Hill did not wait – thanks London Midland! I’ve see this working at Acocks Green, Solihull & Dorridge in recent weeks, so tonight the plan was to try somewhere different. The sun is on the best side at Widney Manor, but too low in the sky at this time in the evening, which reminds me – the days are getting shorter!! The Voyager was just a test shot, but the 66 & 67 are worth including, just for the record.

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The 20s, with barrier wagons, top and tail the underground stock. 20901 & 20905 are leading


Update 787. 4 x Class 37s on Bridgwater flask train at Kings Norton, 04/07/13

It was a working not to miss! 4 x Class 37s on a flask train, but which way would it go, up the Lickey or round the Dark Side? It seemed to be running to the times that would suggest it would run via Kidderminster, but nothing can be certain until it is through Abbotswood Junction. If it does not arrive at Worcester soon after passing the junction, then it has gone “the other way”. I was determined to see it & went to Birmingham, ready to catch a train to Kings Norton, but checking to make sure it hadn’t run to Worcester – in which case I would’ve headed back home to see it up the Dark Side. After a no show at Worcester, I was making my way to Kings Norton, not realising there would be a wait of well over an hour. It must’ve been looped somewhere, but there was no information about it. It did eventually appear & was worth the wait.

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The locos are 37688, 37610, 37609 & 37605