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Update 494. 2857, 7812, 42968, 46443 & D8059, 30/07/11

A leisurely walk to the station at Bewdley, with some swans seen on the river. 42968 hauled us to Arley for our sandwiches. 46443 was on the Driving Experience, crossing with D8059, which took us back to Bewdley. Time for another cuppa before we were on board the train behind D8059 again, heading for Northwood Halt. Eventually it was time to head back & D8059 was on or train as we headed for Bewdley, and home.

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42968 at Northwood Halt

Update 491. Hampton Loade Ferry photos

The photos are already in my main gallery but spread over several years, so I have set up an album to display them all. The most recent ones were taken on 24th July.

In the description box above the thumbnails you will find a couple of links, one is to a web site giving dates & times the ferry will operate and the other is to a satellite photo link of the local area, showing the Severn Valley Railway station & the ferry.

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Photo of the ferry

Half way through July…..

What a month! Jobs to do in the garden, a faulty camera lens, a big bill from the garage to get the car through the MOT test (but there’s a story to that!) I could do with a break!!

I’m sure I’ve missed some photos somewhere. Every winter I think I’ll catch up with everything – but it never happens.

Oh well, tomorrow is another day…….

Update 486. 92212 hauls The Severn Valley Limited, 17/07/11

This was the first service train to be hauled by the 9F since arriving at the SVR, on loan from the Mid Hants Railway. The weather forecast was poor & sure enough, when 92212 approached chimney-first, the rain started! D821 was on a Diesel Driving Experience and 5164, 42968 & 43106 were working the other trains.

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The rain doesn’t show in this smaller photo….

Update 485. Lancaster PA474 flies over the Severn Valley, 02/07/11

It was the SVR 1940s Weekend and a fly-past was expected over the Railway. Finding a suitable spot with the sun behind me, I waited for a ‘plane to appear. Originally, three ‘planes were listed as appearing, but on the day there was only the one, but it did fly over twice.

In previous years with the smaller ‘planes, they seemed to be gone within seconds, but the Lancaster seemed to be flying much slower and it was easier to photograph. Unfortunately, much of the underside of the ‘plane is in shadow, but I am pleased with the photos.

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Update 484. Joe Little’s Cumbrian Express & Men of the Knotty, 30/06/11

Where is the time going to? The weeks are going by & I’m getting further behind!

Sometimes I can’t be bothered to take photos, then I see the loco has a headboard & out comes the camera! 46443 was seen on one of the trains at Bewdley & 5164 on the other.

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This train at least had the loco running chimney-first:-