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Miniature Railway at Wythall Bus Museum. 29/10/23. Part 5.

The previous 4 videos featured buses working services, this one shows Rough Pup on the miniature railway at the museum.

The larger photos can be viewed in my photo gallery, watch the YouTube video from the image below or have a quick look through the photos further down the page.

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Videos – Day 2 of the Severn Valley Railway 2018 Diesel Gala 18/05/18

On the first day of the Gala at Kidderminster I was standing for about 7 hours as I filmed the trains, so on this day I wanted something more relaxing. With a couple of folding chairs, Andrew and I had an easy day as the trains rolled past, filming from about 10am through to some time after 4pm when the late running 15.49 off Kidderminster with 73136 passed. Heading back to the car we just managed to catch a glimpse of 56078 to finish off our day. There are two videos to cover the day, the first has 50031, 66726, 88010, D832, 55019, D9551, 50049, 33108, D1015 and 47712. The second has 37688, D9551, 47712, 50031, D821, 50049, 55019, 56078, 50035, 33108 and 73136. Oh well, just day 3 to do now, I didn’t bother with the mixed traction day, went for some miniatures instead.

Videos below, running time about 16 minutes each:-

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“On This Day” (years ago) May 18th. 2004, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2017

E6005 and The Lady Armaghdale at Bewdley in 2004, 45110 at Arley in 2008, 47580, 37264, 45133, 31271 and 50135 at Kidderminster in 2010, 37516 and 37503 at Old Hill in 2011, D8059 and 47739 at Old Hill in 2013 and 57307, 57306 and 88003 at Kidderminster in 2017.
Photos below:-

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“Old Rallies” Rushden Steam Rally, 4th May (2003)

Browsing through my photos for the “on this day” post, I’ve just come across the first steam rally photos for any of the years. I was only at the rally for a couple of hours, having watched a lot of Land Rovers on a run from Solihull to Gaydon earlier in the day. I took over 400 photos, not great quality, but I’ve chosen 12 for a bit of variety from the day. My knowledge of road vehicles is minimal, which explains lack of descriptions!
Photos below:-

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A list of photos from “on this day” category

I soon forget the photos and numbers of locos that are showing in this category, so I am trying a “table” which lists the numbers, location etc. of each photo. The columns can be sorted to make it easier to find the details. All very experimental at the moment but I’ve started with diesel & electric traction. Steam will be in a seperate table to follow later. You can view the table from the link below….

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…continued, Arley, 03/12/17 -4

Final video and photos from Arley, and it was getting darker.

Link to video

34027 Arley. 03/12/17

34027 Arley. 03/12/17

7802 Arley. 03/12/17

80072 arriving at Arley. 03/12/17

7802 Arley. 03/12/17

80072 Arley. 03/12/17

80072, my final shot of the day, Arley. 03/12/17

Link to photos and video of Santa trains at Kidderminster on 09/12/17

Photos and video, 34027, 7802 Arley, 03/12/17 -1

A few hours at Arley to film the Santa trains arriving and departing. The procedure is – train arrives, loco runs round to rear of train when southbound platform is clear and when stock is empty it is shunted towards Highley and then back into the other platform to form the next departure to Kidderminster.

Link to video

A lot of photos from above video, so split into two pages.

34027 propels empty stock at Arley. 03/12/17

34027 will form next departure from Arley. 03/12/17

7802 next arrival at Arley. 03/12/17

34027 departs from Arley. 03/12/17

7802 propels empty stock at Arley. 03/12/17

7802 runs into other platform at Arley. 03/12/17

A rare shot in some sun, 7802 Arley. 03/12/17

7802 waits with next departure from Arley. 03/12/17

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