“On This Day” (years ago) Feb 7th. 2003, 2004 and 2010

2003 and my first digital camera, so poor quality, 56067 at Hillam Crossing, near Monk Fryston. Then 3 x 47s – 47355, 47712 & 47703 at Derby in 2004. Finally 46443 at Bewdley in 2010.

56067, not a brilliant photo, but a class I rarely saw, unfortunately the photos from that day were not very good.

56067 Hillam Crossing. 07/02/03

A few photos early one morning as I changed trains on the way to Doncaster. These ones aren’t in my gallery, obviously the forgotten ones!

47355, 417712, 47703 Derby. 07/02/04

In 2010 it appears I travelled on the train to Arley and back, this photo was taken on the train, obviously from the DMU. 7812 also seen in the gallery.

46443 Bewdley. 07/02/10

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