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7802 & 42968 at Bewdley, Dec 29th

First visit to the Railway since Christmas. A very misty day and I didn’t take any photos, but we had a nice lunch & met up with many of our regular friends. 7802 was on the diner, crossing with 42968 on the train to Kidderminster.

Haven’t done very well for photos this month. Much as I would like to have been out in the snow taking photos before Christmas – it wasn’t worth the risk of driving across there & these days I’m not so keen on standing around in freezing cold weather.

Snow in the West Midlands

Snow too deep to go to the SVR today. Spent some time watching vehicles trying to get up the hill on the nearby main road, it would probably have been easier if grit had been put on the roads – but I haven’t seen a gritter this winter!

Nothing else of interest, think I’ll hibernate until spring.

If I have a burst of enthusiasm for anything – I’ll let you know…..

Update 406. 9600 and 168107 at the “new” Moor Street, 11/12/10

Travelling back from Small Heath, I had to change at Moor Street. There was just time for a few photos before my train arrived. 9600 was seen in action, before moving out of the way for 168107 to arrive. The Pannier then ran into platform 3 just as my train was arriving – I wasn’t waiting another 30 minutes for the next train, but at last managed a few photos which show how the station looks and the track layout where it joins with the main running lines.

Link to photos

9600, and that’s my train approaching on the left, I’m gone………

Update 405. 5043 Earl of Mount Edgcumbe on “The Inter-City” from the New Moor Street platforms, 11/12/10

Looking out of the window as my train headed into Birmingham, I thought it was going to be too dark for photos, but the light increased enough for some good photos at Small Heath. Fortunately I was able to rest the camera on the bridge parapet to keep it steady, as even at iso1600 the best I could get was 1/250th sec – not good with a zoom lens!

The special train, heading to Paddington and organised by Vintage Trains, was the first departure from the new Birmingham Moor Street platforms, which would be in use for service trains on the following day.

Link to photos

Plenty of smoke & steam:-

Update 404. 35028 “Clan Line” on loaded test run passing Tamworth, 29/11/10

After completing my household “chores” I was able to get a few hours out to see Clan Line at Tamworth. It was heading south from Crewe on a loaded test run to Northampton, then just loco & support coach to Wimbledon. From reading timings posted on the internet, it was limited to 50mph as far as Stafford, then 75mph to Northampton. 67027 would return with the empty stock.

Link to photos

Drifting steam & a soft exhaust didn’t help as the loco passed by:-