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Update 1,008. Videos of 68010 at Stourbridge, 26/01/15

68010 was on the ecs test run to Stourbridge today & all my shots of it were filmed there. Those 68s do sound loud, I could hear it rounding the curve as it approached the junction and that must’ve been nearly half a mile away. Even when just ticking over in the station it was very loud. The final shot shows it departing, crossing over to the northbound line & finally disappearing from view as it rounded the curve at the junction.

Link to video on calendar page

Just learnt how to create video playlists

I’ve never been keen on joining videos of different locos to create a long video, preferring to keep them shorter with links to the individual loco clips. A playlist will now let me “join” them together into a sequence, but you will still be able to easily select which clip you wish to watch instead of watching everything.

This is an example of a playlist as seen in the previous post

Update 1,001. Video of 66086 at Stourbridge, 20/01/15

I caught the train at Old Hill, and it just sat there! Then the guard/conductor or whatever announced they were waiting to contact a signalman. I looked out the door & the signal just beyond the station was red. Then it was announced a vehicle had hit a bridge at Cradley. Eventually we started rolling down the hill, running over the bridges very slowly. I didn’t actually work out which bridge was the problem, as we slowed at many of them, perhaps the driver didn’t know either!

As we were approaching Stourbridge, we were held at signals – and I noticed a green for the Round Oak line, the freight I wanted to see would be through the station before my train arrived. The best I could do was film it through the window, as it was a loco I had not filmed before. Not a good video, but at least the loco number was visible.

Link to video on calendar page

A slow start to the year, again……..

I don’t know where the last few weeks have gone, but I seem to have done very little. As for winter projects, think it’s the same as previous years – the time flies by with little to show for it.

Oh well, just over three weeks & the SVR will be open again for half-term holiday week. But before then I must try & catch up with sorting some more videos and hopefully get out occasionally and film a few trains.