Update 1,001. Video of 66086 at Stourbridge, 20/01/15

I caught the train at Old Hill, and it just sat there! Then the guard/conductor or whatever announced they were waiting to contact a signalman. I looked out the door & the signal just beyond the station was red. Then it was announced a vehicle had hit a bridge at Cradley. Eventually we started rolling down the hill, running over the bridges very slowly. I didn’t actually work out which bridge was the problem, as we slowed at many of them, perhaps the driver didn’t know either!

As we were approaching Stourbridge, we were held at signals – and I noticed a green for the Round Oak line, the freight I wanted to see would be through the station before my train arrived. The best I could do was film it through the window, as it was a loco I had not filmed before. Not a good video, but at least the loco number was visible.

Link to video on calendar page