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Update 399. 6M67 “nuke” or flask train at Old Hill, 27/10/10

This train was running with 37682 & 20308, but times are very unpredictable, as is the route. The previous week I waited ages for it, but it was sent via Bromsgrove instead. This week I tried again, to cut a long story short, after a wait of a couple of hours I eventually saw it – but it was too dark for a good photo.

Link to the 2 photos

You can see how dark it was:-

SVR 27th – 29th October

Ended up at Bewdley all 3 days, seems like 4566, 7812 & 43106 were working the services each day, although I didn’t see the 3 locos every day.

Today was a bit of a hard slog, getting to Bewdley by public transport (on my own, fortunately) as there were delays on London Midland trains. Trains at Old Hill are every 30 minutes, but more stop at Cradley, so that was where I headed. At Cradley it was apparent there were still problems, one train was over 30 minutes late, and eventually cancelled, and others were delayed, but I managed to get to Stourbridge for the “Dodger”. Then the bus to Bewdley was late, and delayed even further by roadworks near Kidderminster. The SVR train had already departed by the time the bus approached Kidderminster station, so I had to stay on to Bewdley, arriving there about 20 minutes late. At least there was time for lunch before catching 4566 back to Kidderminster, then bus, dodger, train & bus home. It’s so much easier by car!!!

Update 398. Tamworth photos, including 71000 & 47500, 25/10/10

After a few hours at Northampton, we moved to Tamworth to see 71000 heading south & 47500 heading north. Unfortunately missed a few trains on the high level lines, but it makes a change to see the electrics, including an 86 in the new livery.

Locos seen:- 47500, 60074, 66028, 66029, 66148, 66420, 66594, 71000, 86605, 86610, 86613, 86637 & 90016.

Link to photos

Here is 71000:-

Update 397. Photos at Northampton, including 31602. 25/10/10

Following on from an earlier posting, the photos from Northampton have now been uploaded. It’s great photographing in sun, until it is no longer on the side of the trains.

Locos seen were:- 31602, 66028, 66029, 66107, 66534, 66541, 66593, 90044 & 90045, also DR73930.

Link to photos

It was interesting to see the latest Freightliner livery on a Class 90:-

Trains at Northampton & Tamworth on 25th October

A few hours at Northampton and my first Class 90 in the new Freightliner livery. Amongst the Class 66s seen were a pair on a “leaf buster” train, and mustn’t forget the Class 31 on a test train. From here our next stop was Tamworth, as 71000 Duke of Gloucester was due to head south & 47500 north to Carnforth. Also seen was a Class 86 in the new Freightliner livery and the RHTT as it returned south. Pleased to say the sun was shining as well.

I’m way behind with uploading photos of main line trains, but I’ll have a go at them later.

Update 396. The Lady Armaghdale on display in The Engine House, 26/10/10

Half term & grandson wanted to go on the SVR, again! A dull & wet journey to Highley, only a few photos taken inside The Engine House, showing the latest exhibit – The Lady Armaghdale. This loco had been shunted in the previous week, 80079 & 7714 have also changed places to make room for the small loco.

4566 was hauling our train, crossing with 43106 at Bewdley. 7812 was on the 3rd train, seen passing The Engine House as we eat our lunch.

Link to photos

SVR 24th October

Another sunny day, but it was cold down by the river. 46443 was on Footplate Experience, the service trains hauled by 4566, 5764, 7812, & 43106.

Hopefully I’ll see some of the trains during the week, although I mustn’t forget there are still jobs to be done in the garden!!!

SVR 23rd October

Not much of interest happening locally over the last few days, so a weekend is always something to look forward to – and of course the coming week which is half-term for schools and a daily service.

Three trains were seen at Arley – 4566, 43106 & 46443.