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Photos and Video, 68017, Rowley Regis. 27/09/19

The Pathfinder tour 1Z57 from Paignton to Carlisle was due up Old Hill about the same time as a downhill stopping train and so I decided to go to Rowley, forgetting an ecs train was due. The unit appeared in the distance before the 68 came round the bend but fortunately it all worked out well as the unit was running slowly.

Link to YouTube video or link to photos in gallery.

Photos below suitable for mobile or tablet. Larger photos in gallery as above.

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Listing numbers and workings of trains

I started listing photos in my galleries on a very old web site many years ago, long before starting a blog. Many of those pages still exist along with links to and from the gallery and ideally the listings should be transferred to a blog. Like everything, it takes time. Maybe over the winter I can try it again, something similar to a listing of the recently added Small Heath loco numbers and workings.

That Small Heath listing has since been moved to a different blog page and hopefully others will be added soon. It can be seen here.

Photos, 4965, 47773 and 50007 plus some 66s, Small Heath 07/12/18 part 1

This evening I will just add a few photos but post the video tomorrow along with the remaining photos. Having stopped the “on this day” posting there is more time to try and carry on with more recent photos and videos. I spent some time at Small Heath and tried a new location to see the Polar Express, bit overgrown by trees though! Went back to the station after filming it.

Link to photos for this date in gallery. Link to full list of loco/unit numbers. Link to Part 2.

Photos of locos below, ideal for mobile or tablet. Larger photos, including units in gallery as above.

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Coppermine gallery security upgrade to version 1.5.44

Having ignored my galleries for many months, I noticed I needed to upgrade the software. Four of them are now running the latest software but I have a couple of “test” versions I still need to work on. It all takes time…. but I’m getting faster at it.

Even worked out how to move a complete gallery and mysql database to a different hosting package, bit of head-scratching went on though at times!!

Starting to post in the blog again!

Aren’t I doing well, posting in the blog again. The last 4 little outings have been added and linked to the appropriate galleries. It has taken me a while to remember how I used to do it though. The dates have even been entered on the calendar – but what about all those missing entries from recent months…… that’s another story.

A Coppermine theme to view my gallery images on a smartphone/mobile

I’ve spent some time trying to modify a Coppermine theme so that I can view my galleries on my Huawei G300 mobile. It has a screen with 480 x 800 pixels, so viewing is best with the screen in a horizontal position. Below are some photos of the screen (I can’t do a screen print of the mobile) so it will look better on the mobile screen.

You can view the intermediate size images, one by one, by touching the blue “<” left or “>” right arrows, seen above and right of the image, just as you can with the mouse pointer when viewing with a pc.

It is possible to enlarge one of those images, by pinching, as you do with mobile phones. The one below is not the same photo, but you can see it is much wider on the screen.

Finally, by starting the slideshow, top left of screen, third from left, the images in the album will show one after the other, automatically.

It works for me, but I haven’t tried it on other smart phones. Give it a go and let me know if it is successful on your smart phones. The link below should automatically start a slideshow on a smart phone:-

If you try it with an ordinary pc, the standard coppermine slide show will run.


Coppermine version 1.5.16

A new version was released a few weeks ago & I have started updating my galleries to this version. I don’t think there is any noticeable difference, just security upgrades.

It’s not really too difficult to do, but I am always wary when I start deleting hundreds of files – just in case I do something wrong. At least I backup all the important files & database first.

I wonder what actually happened to

Over the past week or so there has been much talk about fotopic and the loss of all the galleries that people have uploaded. For some reason I never set up a fotopic account, I think in the early years I was displaying photos within an ordinary web site, finally moving on to a Coppermine photo gallery. I can sympathise with people who can no longer access their galleries, knowing how long it takes to upload photos & add descriptions etc. Maybe all is not lost & it will come back online.

Staying on the subject of photos, going back a few years before the internet was so popular, most of the published photos were probably in books & magazines. Those same books are probably still in libraries or for sale new or second-hand in various places, same with magazines. Makes you wonder what will happen with all the digital photos that are taken these days, what will happen to them? Thinking about many of the transport photos I’ve taken with earlier digital cameras, and others I’ve seen on the internet, losing some of them would be no great loss!