Wythall Bus Museum. 29/10/23. Part 6.

I’ve managed to find some “photos” for the final part of my visit to the museum. Using a camcorder the obvious thing is to record moving objects but I filmed various vehicles parked outside the museum and cropped a few frames to make some photos. I won’t list registrations here but have added them to the images.

The larger photos can be viewed in my photo gallery, obviously no video with this post but you can have a quick look through the photos further down the page.

JOJ976, HOV685, NXI1184, JOJ489.

JOJ976, HOV685, NXI1184, JOJ489.

H801GRE, T825SFS, OV4486, NOV796G.

DAX610C, SHA431, WDA956T.





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