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Just completed some software updates

Coppermine galleries needed upgrading to 1.5.20.

WordPress blogs needed updating also.

Well that’s taken up a few hours of my time over the past few days. It’s not just updating, but making backups of all the files & databases used – just in case something goes wrong.

I doubt if you will see any differences, but it is always best to make sure the software used is the latest version.

Update 615. Dunrobin, 4566 & 7812, 21/06/12

7812 is now back in service & hauled my train to Bridgnorth, where I took some photos of Dunrobin in the yard. The boiler is undergoing repair at Bridgnorth. 4566 was working the other train. Looking at the photos, I thought a Pannier was in steam, but it was the loco behind. 7714 is the nearest Pannier, with dustbin lid on chimney, with dismantled 5764 behind.

Link to photos

Dunrobin, without boiler

Update 613. 4566, 5164, 43106, 50044 & 50135 17/06/12

Once again, Arley was the destination, but by train. Surprisingly, it stayed dry all the time we were there – but don’t tell KC, as we told her it would be raining and she was left at home. 50135 was used to collect some wagons from Arley, heading to Highley to run round before returning south. 50044 was working in place of a steam loco as only 3 were available for the 4 train service.

Link to photos

Something different at Arley

SVR 16th June – lazy day, no photos

Forecast not very good so KC had her walk round the park instead of going to Arley. We caught the train 11.15 from Kidder, hauled by 4566, to Highley. On the way we passed 43106 at Bewdley on a Footplate Experience train, then 5164 at Arley. At Highley we headed for the Ship Inn for lunch. We had never been there before, but I’m sure we will be going back again!!

Eating our meal, we heard the diesel working the southbound train, then as we walked back to the station 43106 was seen passing through. Our train, the 1.09, was hauled by 50044 – I was expecting a steamer but 2 diesels were out today. D1062 was the diesel we had heard earlier, we crossed it at Bewdley.

The camera stayed in the bag, but I’m sure you can visualise all the trains I have seen today.

Update 611. 37608 & 37069 at Old Hill on the Easter Chieftain, 06/04/12

Some more photos I edited a couple of months ago but never uploaded.

I was pleased to see this tour was routed round the “Dark Side”. I get so fed up with trains going via the Lickey as getting across to see them on that route takes 2 or 3 hours out of the day. Also, the sun is shining and the train is not in shade – unusual at Old Hill.

Link to photos

Update 610. 56312 and 56302 on 6Z34 at Kings Norton, 20/04/12

I’ve been looking through recent photos for those which haven’t been uploaded and found these taken at Kings Norton. When I knew two Class 56 locos would be on 6Z34 it was too good an opportunity to miss. The train consists of empty scrap wagons from Cardiff to Shipley. 66148 is also seen on 6O42 loaded car carrier from Halewood to Southampton Docks.

Link to photos

56302 is the loco I had not seen before

Update 607. Keighley & Worth Valley Railway Diesel Gala, 25/05/12

20031, 25059, 31466, 33103, 37075 & D2511 are seen in action at the KWVR gala. The sun was shining and a steamer through Keighley – what more could you want? The afternoon didn’t quite go as planned, as 50026 had problems and a couple of trains were cancelled, but the photos show we had an enjoyable day.

Link to photos

33103 & 25059 approaching Oxenhope